Jenny Tough

La traversée des Alpes dinariques — Bikepacking de la montagne à la mer

Jenny Tough

La traversée des Alpes dinariques — Bikepacking de la montagne à la mer

Sortie à vélo - Collection par Jenny Tough



73:18 h

1 532 km

17 190 m

L’objectif de cette aventure était de traverser les Alpes dinariques (également appelées Dinarides) sur mon vélo de route, même si, comme vous le verrez, j'ai aussi fait beaucoup de gravel !

J'ai tracé l'itinéraire sur komoot avant de partir, mais j'ai dû faire quelques changements au Kosovo, lorsque j'ai cassé ma roue et que j'ai dû me rendre à Tirana pour la faire réparer. Toutes les aventures ne se déroulent pas toujours comme prévu, mais cela ne signifie pas forcément qu’elles ne sont pas amusantes, loin de là !

Huit pays en dix jours, c’était le voyage d’une vie. J’ai traversé la Slovénie, la Croatie, la Bosnie-Herzégovine, le Monténégro, le Kosovo, l'Albanie, la Macédoine du Nord et la Grèce. Ces routes sont tout simplement extraordinaires et je vous les recommande vivement ; j'y retournerais moi-même sans hésiter.



Tours et Incontournables

  • 11:30
    250 km
    21,8 km/h
    2 470 m
    2 420 m

    I started my Dinaric adventure in the wee hours of the morning at the Ljubljana bus station, putting my bike together and then leaving the city in the dark.

    Sunrise over the Slovenian countryside was a great start to the adventure ahead, and so were the endless coffee and bakery stops as I made my way through the rolling hills.

  • 08:46
    183 km
    20,9 km/h
    2 150 m
    1 980 m

    I started the day waking up in my bivvy bag in a farm field just past the Bosnian border.

    Thankfully I found some coffee early on and got some miles in before the crazy heat started up! Regular dips in the beautiful Vrbas River to cool off were essential.

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  • 07:13
    166 km
    23,0 km/h
    1 460 m
    1 490 m

    WOW, this was an absolute scorcher of a day! I had to take a few breaks in the middle of the day to hide in the shade, but getting almost all the way across Bosnia was pretty amazing.

    Bristrica Gorge was so beautiful, and an amazing road to ride.

  • 08:09
    156 km
    19,2 km/h
    2 740 m
    2 210 m

    This was perhaps the best day I've ever had on a bike.

    Durmitor is simply incredible. The climbs, the views, the wilderness... This is one of the best road cycling segments you'll ever find! 💓

  • 06:49
    145 km
    21,3 km/h
    1 860 m
    2 320 m

    Well... I guess I was having too much fun. I do very much love Kosovo, this being my second time riding here.

    There was a huge thunderstorm, but I went …

  • 09:18
    154 km
    16,6 km/h
    2 620 m
    2 070 m

    After a few days in Tirana impatiently waiting for my new wheel, I was back on the road!

    I was too eager to start cycling again, so rather than take the reverse bus back to where I crashed, I just left from the city with a new komoot route to take me back up into the Dinaric Alps and keep cycling.

    Albania is so charming and it felt utterly amazing to ride again!

  • 08:58
    205 km
    22,9 km/h
    1 810 m
    1 690 m

    It's a good feeling to pass through so many countries in just one day!

    The heat was pretty intense so I took a few breaks on this seventh day in the saddle, but the riding was relatively easy with no huge climbs like the last few days had. I felt good!

  • 06:13
    117 km
    18,9 km/h
    1 370 m
    1 420 m

    This day was actually my birthday, and I should have been at home by then, but after my wheel breakage I extended my trip and ended up being so grateful …

  • 06:22
    154 km
    24,2 km/h
    720 m
    1 360 m

    It was really sad for me that this bikepacking adventure had to come to an end, so I decided to drag things out a bit on the last day.

    It was also extremely hot (41 degrees C!!!) so I couldn't move too fast. I had multiple iced coffees, where bartenders always filled my bidons with ice without even being asked, and took an afternoon swim in a lovely lake.

    Great ending to an amazing adventure!

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  • Distance
    1 532 km
  • Durée
    73:18 h
  • Élévation
    17 190 m

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La traversée des Alpes dinariques — Bikepacking de la montagne à la mer