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  • Kai

    Rest area with tables and benches. Right on the parking lot, therefore mostly animated.

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    • 13 juillet 2017

  • Sascha

    The Fuldaquelle invites you to a brief cooling rest

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    • 23 mai 2017

  • Carmen

    Here springs the Fulda, nice picnic spots, great hiking trails.

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    • 6 juillet 2018

  • Matthias

    Beautifully framed source. Unfortunately no drinking water; probably because of the road above.

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    • 1 mai 2018

  • Sara

    The best water

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    • 23 mai 2017

  • Jake the hiker

    The Fulda is the river with the greatest flow length within Hesse. The source should not be missed when hiking in the area

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    • 28 avril 2020

  • Tho〽️aster ™️

    That this meager trickle should become a stately river? Wikipedia says that this is not the real Fulda spring: "This is much higher, almost below the summit. When the construction began over 80 years ago, it was enclosed and used to supply the buildings with drinking water The overflow was led by a pipeline to the point that is now given as the Fulda spring.

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    • 19 septembre 2020

  • Balli

    A good start into the hike around the Wasserkuppe is the Fulda spring. It rises near the trail parking lot at the Wasserkuppe

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    • 19 décembre 2018

  • Stefan ⛰

    Run from the source to the mouth.

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    • 16 décembre 2018

  • Wolff on Tour

    The Fulda, also called Gersfelder Wasser in the upper reaches, is the 220.4 km long left source river of the Weser. It rises in the Hessian part of the Rhön at the Wasserkuppe and ends between the Kaufunger Wald and Reinhardswald in the three-river town of Hann. Münden (Lower Saxony), where it unites with the Werra coming from the right to the Weser.
    Source Wikipedia

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    • 13 décembre 2019

  • Mr.Hollywood

    It's hard to believe

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    • 17 avril 2020

  • TriMage

    Maybe not quite as spectacular as you imagine, but overall a very nice place. The source is nicely set with picnic tables above. Due to the location at the parking lot, the source is easy to reach. Unfortunately, some of the information boards are no longer so easy to read, but the most important information can be read.

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    • 8 juin 2020

  • Alex

    From here it goes to the North Sea ...

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    • 10 septembre 2020

  • LEO Haarim-Hoddrim

    Springs are always worth a visit ...

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    • 16 septembre 2020

  • Andreas H

    Not exactly a cozy place, but this is where the Fulda rises.

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    • 21 octobre 2020

  • FelixX

    Always atmospheric to contemplate the water at the beginning of its long journey to the sea.

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    • 10 novembre 2020

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