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  • Jake the hiker

    The Sorpesee is a beautiful leisure and recreation area in the Sauerland

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    • 21 août 2018

  • MKKA

    The main prerequisite for the construction of the Sorpetalsperre was the Röhrtalbahn, which connects Sundern with the Upper Ruhr Valley Railway in Neheim-Hüsten. The steam locomotives of the Röhrtalbahn transported heavy construction trains over a construction track laid at that time and a newly built viaduct to the construction site on the Sorpedamm. This was the largest construction site in Europe from 1926 to 1935. More than 300,000 tons of construction material were transported by the steam freight trains to the Sorpedamm. There then took over small Feldbahnen further transports. The Sorpetalsperre needed with their original catchment area of ​​the Sorpe over three years to be filled. In order to increase the efficiency, the catchment area was subsequently enlarged by passing water from the neighboring valleys into the dam via an ancillary system. This extended the catchment area from originally 53 km² to 100.3 km² [1].

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    • 21 mai 2018

  • Andreas away

    Next to Amecke the second nice corner at Sorpesee, left and right along the barrier
    What a sight!

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    • 6 décembre 2016

  • MKKA

    Although the dam was primarily intended for water regulation, a pumped storage power plant was already integrated in the construction. In order to use the energy of the water as effectively as possible, the two Francis turbines with horizontal shafts (3.6 MW each) still use a Kaplan Turbine (220 kW power) arranged. The turbines come from the construction of the power plant, while the controller, which was renewed in 2002/2003, is the most modern in the Ruhrverband. At night, the two Francis turbines are operated as pumps with a capacity of 3.2 MW each and pump the water from the equalization reservoir back up into the reservoir. When water is released into the Ruhr, ie not pumped back, the power plant effectively serves to generate electricity.

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    • 21 mai 2018

  • Felix M

    Popular destination in summer. Nice promenade :)

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    • 5 janvier 2018

  • Thorsten G

    A great place. Right on the water, lovely to walk

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    • 8 juillet 2018

  • PeterStar

    With a fine view over the village and the lake.

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    • 27 septembre 2019

  • Peter_H_65 🐻

    "... Like the Biggesee, the Möhnesee, the Hennesee and the Versetalsperre, the Sorpesee is one of the large reservoirs of the Ruhrverband in Sauerland.
    The Sorpesee is located in the north of the Homert Nature Park, southwest of Arnsberg in the area belonging to the city of Sundern between the districts of Langscheid and Amecke. The Sorpe flows through it. The Sorpesee is 70 meters deep and is the deepest reservoir in the Ruhrverband. ... "

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    • 5 septembre 2020

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