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  • JR56

    Blankenese is one of the most beautiful districts of Hamburg - and one of the richest. This is not surprising given the fantastic view over the Elbe that you have from almost everywhere in the district. It is not for nothing that an old folk saying in the Hanseatic city is: "A Hamburger cannot become more than Blankenese."Anyone who thinks that up north the country is just flat has probably not yet been to Blankenese. In one of the most beautiful districts of Hamburg there is a mighty up and down: The Hamburg Elbe suburb has two of the highest peaks that Hamburg has to offer with the Süllberg and the Baursberg. The stairs district, a collection of old fishermen's houses that can only be reached on foot, is grouped around the Süllberg. High up from the Süllberg and from many other locations in Blankenese, you have a wonderful view of the Elbe and its shore landscapes such as the Falkensteiner Ufer. But not only is the view of the Elbe beautiful, Blankenese also pleases the eye with a lot of green in its numerous parks.Further information:hamburg.de/sehenswertes-blankenese

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    • 6 mars 2021

  • Thom-AS

    It's worth taking a break. Comfortable, and always a view of the Elbe and towards the harbor. Great bike path with a view of pretty houses

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    • 21 juin 2021

  • Hans-Raimund Kinkel

    The route from Teufelsbrück to Wittenbergen and to the power station in Wedel was new to me.
    Beautiful wide paths predominantly and with this special atmosphere of beaches, green areas, even small wooded areas and the view of the Elbe with the port and Airbus opposite in contrast to the houses in Blankenese and on the Falkensteiner Ufer.

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    • 1 juillet 2021

  • Gerald Mechnich

    The Elbe beach cafe in Wedel is great. The Elbe is very wide and invites you to linger!

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    • 7 jours environ

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