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  • Vanessa Kopp

    The rock face of the Eschbacher cliffs is up to twelve meters high. Here you are on the visible part of a quartz passage about six kilometers long. He stretches across the Usatal to the Wormstein in Usinger Stadtwald. The rock face is a popular place for a break. If you like to climb, you can let off steam on the craggy cliffs.

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    • 12 mars 2019

  • Christian

    Nice hike to the spicy rock formations of Eschbach. You can also watch little mountaineers practice or go exploring yourself. 🧗‍♂️

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    • 7 avril 2019

  • Christian

    These can also be climbed by young and old. So many young mountaineers can also be observed there

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    • 8 avril 2019

  • Christian

    Are already imposing cliffs in the middle of the landscape. There may be some junior mountaineers or older times practice in kraxeln.🧗♂️😊

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    • 21 avril 2019

  • Kai

    For decades, the Eschbacher cliffs have been a well-known and popular destination throughout the Rhine-Main area. Here you can meet walkers, hikers, mountain bikers and families who picnic here.
    In the western part of the rock formation climbs the untrained spontaneous climber and children, the eastern part serves as a practice rock for future professional climbers.
    When climbing there is very danger of falling, especially since the rocks are partly smooth polished by strong inspection, but I know of no major accident.
    Information board on the eastern edge, seating slightly off to the west of the rocks.

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    • 3 juin 2019

  • Paffsen

    In summer, a great place to barbecue, source of the Eschbach. In good weather climbing possible

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    • 14 février 2016

  • Angel2You

    Surprisingly impressive in this environment

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    • 4 décembre 2016

  • Pete_Ghostrider

    For adults, these are nice rocks for climbing, but for small children they are huge mountains and a lasting memory.

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    • 23 mars 2018

  • Christian

    Already an impressive appearance these cliffs as they rise so inconspicuously out of the landscape. Easy mountaineering experiences can get here every time or watch the young mountaineers on their first climbing attempts.

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    • 12 mai 2019

  • Christian

    Great cliffs which are more or less easy to climb. An adventurous highlight for many small and large children. 😀

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    • 19 avril 2020

  • Christian

    Outstanding rock formations that open up in front of you. Fun for young and old when you start to scramble yourself

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    • 8 mai 2020

  • Eric

    Who likes to climb is safe here.

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    • 16 juin 2017

  • Holger Möller

    A steep rock face rises in the middle of a meadow. An ideal place for climbing and for a nice picnic.

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    • 3 mai 2020

  • Thomas 🖤💚

    The Eschbacher cliffs form a strong contrast to the gently rolling landscape of the Taunus Nature Park. In the middle of Usinger Land, the cliffs north of Usingen-Eschbach are bizarre, steep, up to 12 m high rocks made of quartz rock.
    The rock face is a visible part of an approx. 6 km long quartz corridor that continues across the Usatal to the Wormstein in the Usingen city forest. The Eschbacher Klippen are perfect for beginners or bouldering, but hikers and picnickers also get their money's worth.

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    • 14 juin 2020

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