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  • Fabian

    The "Kingdom of Romkerhall - the smallest kingdom in the world" is actually no kingdom - just a municipality-free area, since the small patch is not assigned to any of the neighboring communities.After numerous changing owners now a good and strengthening starting point for tours towards Kästeklippen Park opposite and get started - the Harzer Wanderadel Nr 116 can also be found next to the Oker next to Romkerhall.

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    • 27 juillet 2017

  • Willigipfel

    The Romkerhalle is an inn with access to public transport (bus) and has parking facilities for cars. An ideal starting point for hikes.

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    • 18 avril 2019

  • NordHarzTeufel

    Waterfall, a gastronomy and good exit - as well as rest and starting point in the Okertal. Parking available.

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    • 17 mai 2019

  • Wildrocker 🌍

    Some love this place, others quickly move on here and look forward to more beautiful hiking highlights.

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    • 27 avril 2020

  • Julia

    The waterfall is nice to look at, the grumpy hotel on the other side is more of a curiosity. From here you can start up towards the cliffs, or take the path directly on the Oker direction Oker / Goslar.

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    • 21 août 2017

  • Evildeadchen

    In winter you should not take the very steep path at the waterfall

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    • 14 décembre 2017

  • Wanderkaiser Opilio Martinus I.

    A good starting point for hikes to the staircase stone, to the Kästehaus and to the Halleschen hut (stamp 117-119 of the Harzer hiking nobility).

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    • 16 août 2018

  • Alwin 70

    Everything here istales something different, the waterfall artificial, the kingdom? The hotel is quirky and has seen better times.
    The landscape just unbelievable
    Exactly my thing. 😎🔨👌👍🤘

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    • 6 octobre 2019

  • ZetisfactionM

    Good starting point for beautiful cliff towers in the Okertal

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    • 17 mai 2020

  • Evildeadchen

    The steep trail left next to the waterfall is not that easy.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 13 décembre 2017

  • Rob Ert

    The smallest kingdom in the world. There is a restaurant next to the waterfall and numerous easy and short hiking trails.

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    • 22 avril 2017

  • Harzermaus71🐀

    A more challenging tour

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    • 5 décembre 2016

  • Jens Helmecke

    Romkerhall, the self proclaimed, smallest kingdom of the world. This settlement on the Oker includes only a few houses and the hotel "Kingdom Romkerhall".The current water rock above this location aroused the attention of hikers early on, which led to the construction of a log cabin there. In its place, innkeeper H. Lüer built a hotel, which was opened in 1863. In order to increase the attractiveness of the new hotel and to create a romantic flair, the artificial waterfall was created in the same year. For this purpose, the small Romke was rerouted over an approximately 350 m long ditch to the Romke cliff, where it plunges over the rock in the depths. The Romker waterfall is by far the highest artificial waterfall of the Harz. Previously, the Radau waterfall was built in Bad Harzburg, which led to the idea to connect both attractions by a hiking trail - it was created the promenade path of Harzburg over the cottages to Romkerhall.In 1890 the hotelier Theodor Hulsch took over the hotel and considerably expanded the property - the Villa Helene was built as a pension, the hall was built and the parking lot was built. Until 1979 the family Hulsch operated the hotel complex. It was followed by changing ownership of the old successes could not tie. Then in 1988, the proclamation of the kingdom - a modern PR move with invented background story.

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    • 22 avril 2019

  • Michael

    It is most worthwhile after heavy rain, otherwise the water is usually quite scarce

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    • 22 mai 2020

  • Claudia

    The smallest kingdom, Romkerhalle, appears slanted. Opposite is a waterfall and a steep path into the mountain. I like the ensemble

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    • 27 juillet 2020

  • Christian

    A good starting point for some hikes through the Okertal. 😀

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    • 28 juillet 2020

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