Kaiser Karls Bettstatt

Kaiser Karls Bettstatt

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  • Jo

    According to legend, Emperor Charlemagne is said to have lost his way on a hunting excursion from his nearby residence in Aachen in the High Fens and was forced to spend the night on this large quartzite rock.
    When he then refused the cap offered by his servant with the words “cap not”, this is said to have led to the name of the neighboring village.

    As I said - this is a legend ...

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    • 10 mai 2018

  • Johnny

    A prominent point about one kilometer north of the village Mützenich is Emperor Charles Bettstatt, not far from the Stelings, from where one of the main roads into the High Fens leads.

    Legend has it that when Emperor Charlemagne got lost one day in the hunt, he is said to have pitched his involuntary bed on this quartzite block. With a little imagination you can see notches where a body with head and feet could have been. According to this impression, however, this figure would have been almost three meters tall.

    Source and more:

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    • 27 mai 2016

  • Silke mit Yuna & Yomi

    There are different legends. "I can not find my cap," said Emperor Karl allegedly when he was forced to spend a night on the rock.

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    • 18 décembre 2018

  • Shay

    A nice rest area in the shade if you look for him.

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    • 9 septembre 2018

  • Sabine 🦁

    Part of the Eifelsteig 02 from Roetgen to Monschau.
    Interesting story about these two stones. Who thinks?
    In any case, the place is very nice. And little stories liven up the hike ...

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    • 8 septembre 2019

  • Wanderklaus

    A nice old story. She is told on a blackboard on the spot. The course is located directly on the edge of the Eifelsteig.

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    • 6 octobre 2019

  • Nicole

    Very nice hike and a nice place to take a break 😊

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    • 16 mai 2020

  • Dirk

    Here you can rest in the shade

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    • 17 mai 2020

  • Bumble-Bee

    Very nice rest area, even for a smaller group there is enough space.

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    • 9 juillet 2020

  • R.Bungartz

    If you take a closer look (and believe in it), you can even see the indentations that Karl's head and feet left on "Kaiser Karl's bedstead".

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    • 12 août 2020

  • Torsten

    I tried it, but the mattress was too hard for me. Charlemagne was probably harder in the take;)

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    • 25 juin 2019

  • buhol

    There you can "pray" to rest :-)

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    • 27 septembre 2019

  • Pth

    According to legend, the great Karl laid down here to rest.

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    • 19 décembre 2020


    The display board explains what Emperor Karl is supposed to have been up to here and why it should be his place of worship. But there are also other myths about this place.

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    • 27 décembre 2020

  • EifelFranke

    A beautiful legend and an imposing bed city.

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    • 2 avril 2021

  • SunnyKay☀️🚴‍♀️🐾

    In winter with down comforter ;-)

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    • 19 janvier 2017

  • Saskia

    Emperor Karl's bed or old place of worship

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    • 21 août 2018

  • Udo

    No special equipment necessary.Very nice flat paths.
    Is it also good to visit.

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    • 21 octobre 2018

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Position:Monschau, Aachen, District de Cologne, Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie, Allemagne


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Kaiser Karls Bettstatt