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  • Stefan

    There is a souvenir shop with local specialties so there is a snack
    Now there are few people and no Asians at all
    So you almost have the lake to yourself

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    • 20 avril 2020

  • Tussi Deluxe

    The lake is super beautiful. But at the weekend all hell is going on here. At the lake and on the street. Better during the week and not during the holidays.

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    • 12 août 2020

  • Benedikt Fischer

    Beautiful lake, many people are there on weekends and holidays!

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    • 1 juin 2020

  • Manfred

    Nice mountain lake BUT overcrowded at the weekend. That only makes sense to go there during the week to enjoy the lake.

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    • 29 juillet 2020

  • 🚲 Genuss-Tourer 🥾

    Too much touristy. Yes, it's nice there, but there are other very nice corners where it is much less busy.

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    • 5 décembre 2020

  • Eiseleko

    great view, refreshment stop, wide street, source (s) as a drinking stop

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    • 10 juillet 2017

  • ℳ𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓾𝓼 🥾

    Great place but mostly crowded.

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    • 1 août 2020

  • Dosch

    If you want to enjoy peace and solitude on the Mummelsee, should take advantage of the slightly earlier hours of the day!

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    • 11 juillet 2017

  • Endurofuzzy

    After strenuous ascent it is a nice place to rest

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    • 21 mai 2020

  • A.B.


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    • 24 juillet 2019


    The legendary Mummelsee lies on the Black Forest High Road between Ruhestein and Unterstmatt, directly at the foot of the 1164 m high Hornisgrinde. With its 800 meters of circumference, the Mummelsee is the largest, with 17 m depth the deepest and with 1036 m altitude the highest of the seven Karseen in the Black Forest

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    • 10 octobre 2017

  • Mi.ri.

    The Mummelsee is a Karsee at 1028.5 m above sea level. NN altitude on the slope of the Hornisgrinde in the Black Forest. It is 3.7 hectares in size and 18 meters deep. It is one of the most visited lakes in Baden-Württemberg because it is located directly on the Black Forest High Road.

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    • 30 juillet 2020

  • Nolle

    Never again on the weekend

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    • 28 juin 2021

  • heinzel

    Unfortunately far too crowded here. But as the highest point on the Black Forest High Road, racing cyclists can't help but cycle up here.

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    • 11 juillet 2021

  • stetho

    A real tourist magnet and therefore always very crowded. But the driveway along the Langenbach is an absolute must and the Mummelsee is an absolutely worthwhile stopover on the way up to the Hornisgrinde

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    • 3 jours environ

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