MoorIZ - Moor Informationszentrum Resse

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    The permanent exhibition on the origin of the bogs and their fauna and flora should help raise the awareness of man for the ecological value and the preservation of this unique natural space. Playfully interactive, multi-media and highly interesting, an eventful impression is conveyed about Moore in general and the four surrounding raised bogs of the Hannoversche Moorgeest in particular.As a nature-based base camp for all bog and environmental friends, the MOORiZ constantly offers trips on foot and by bicycle into the landscape. So much is shown that everyone understands what bog is, but the shelters and rest rooms remain untouched. The bogs are nature reserves and must not be entered.

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    • 2 décembre 2016

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Position:Wedemark, Hannover, Basse-Saxe, Allemagne


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