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    The new graduation tower was built in 1997 for the 750th anniversary of the city south of the old Gradierweges. At a length of 50 meters, the thorn walls are eight meters high, the built-in, but not publicly accessible, staircase tower has a height of 14 meters.

    The plant is fed with brine from the nearby source "New Sprudel". The brine is pumped into a large gutter on the graduation tower, which in turn feeds the gutters on the long sides above the thorn hedge.

    From the notches and taps of these grooves, the brine trickles into the thorns. The falling drops are crushed (aerosols) so that they can be used for therapeutic inhalation inhalation. Grading means gradually increasing the brine content of the water by allowing it to drain several times.


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    • 12 septembre 2016

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    The former graduation mill, planned and built by Rev. Philipp Korte, was almost 600 meters long and was shut down with the advent of rock salt in 1908. The entire complex was demolished in 1920/21.

    Recognized as medicinal water and suitable for drinking and healing baths, the sodium-chloride water of the "New Sprudel" spring was brought to a depth of 288 meters in 1902/03 and, according to recent measurements, produces around 16 liters per second in 1995 with a salt content of about 1.2-1.4 percent.
    Right next to the artesian spring, a treadle and an armpit for Kneipp treatments were built.


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    • 12 septembre 2016

  • CopperheadKai

    Beautiful park, the saline makes a good air.
    Highly recommended for a break.

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    • 20 août 2019

  • Jakob Heinrich

    The graduation house is definitely worth a break. Beautifully designed. Ideal for a little break

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    • 20 août 2017

  • Andreas Seifert

    The Sültsoid is a 16 hectare nature reserve southeast of Salzkotten. Springs with a high content of brine make it an inland salt area of great importance and rarity. Most of the few original salt areas in Central Europe were destroyed by construction activity in the 1960s to 1990s ...

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    • 17 décembre 2020

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