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  • UdoS

    The Patersberg Tower or “Look around” rewards the short ascent with fantastic views of the Coburg Fortress, the Rauher Kulm, Ochsenkopf and Schneeberg. At his feet lies Kulmbach with the imposing Plassenburg.

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    • 10 décembre 2016

  • Wolly

    The lookout tower "Look around" was built on the initiative of the natural scientist Johann Apollonius Weltrich in 1837/1838. Weltrich was the royal rent agent in Kulmbach. He discovered plant fossils in the Rhäto-Lias transitional layers near Veitlahm, which were named after him, such as the weltrichia mirabilis, of which a type specimen is kept at the University of Uppsala / Sweden. This specimen can be assigned to the tree ferns and is also called the miracle flower. The tower was inaugurated on October 4, 1838. In his address, Johann Apollonius Weltrich thanked all donors and the citizens of Veitlahm for the manual and clamping services in the construction of the building. He ended his speech with the words: "Be happy and look around on the Patersberg". A plaque is attached to the tower with the inscription "Out of love for the creator in unity 1837/38".
    The large viewing platform on the main building can be reached via a spiral staircase in the attached stair tower, which is provided with a second, smaller platform at the top.

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    • 16 octobre 2016

  • Christian

    Great view in all directions. It's worth it.

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    • 11 octobre 2017

  • Frankenwald

    From the "Look-around tower" on the Patersberg you have a magnificent view of Kulmbach with the majestic Plassenburg. Down in the tower you can take a break, sheltered from wind, weather and rain.

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    • 19 février 2019

  • k-p-t

    Also this tower is located directly on the Frankenweg, it is worth to climb up.

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    • 21 novembre 2017

  • Susanne

    You have a very nice view from the tower.

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    • 26 septembre 2018

  • Thomas S.

    Very nice viewpoint with room to rest and pause.

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    • 21 juin 2019

  • Petra

    Great view of the Plassenburg and Kulmbach.

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    • 24 juin 2020

  • HoffiKC

    What I also like about the Patersberg Tower are the two wonderful paths that lead to it:
    One of Veitlahm swung up through the meadows.
    The second from the northeast along the ridge to the tower.
    The stairs to the roof of the tower did not exist before. There the view was more restricted by the trees. A very good idea to build it on top of that.

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    • 27 novembre 2020

  • Stephanie

    Nice tower with a wonderful view of the surrounding area. In good weather you can even see the Plassenburg.

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    • 12 janvier 2021

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