Radweg zwischen Mäckeritzbrücke und General-Ganeval-Brücke

Radweg zwischen Mäckeritzbrücke und General-Ganeval-Brücke

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  • CyclingOlli

    Very nice bike path through the allotments of Berlin

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    • 22 septembre 2017

  • Kamal

    Very good condition training

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 3 décembre 2018

  • Basti RoadRace

    ATTENTION at night almost the entire north shore track is not lit. In some places, especially with road bikes caution is required by massive damage to the path through root system. All in all, still great track just because it is separated from the traffic to well over 90%. The pedestrian traffic is limited, but weekend, during the holidays or warm days especially at the allotments more hustle and bustle, even with free-range dogs. But there disturb the roots on the track more, especially in the district area Wedding to Tegel along the north shore bike path, here really looking forward partly driving straight at the allotment garden at Plötzensee difficult to see curve steeply going around. But worth it to drive and I recommend despite criticism very happy.

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    • 29 juin 2019

  • Max

    Beautiful way with lots of water and shade, little traffic, very flat.

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    • 1 septembre 2017

  • Svenster

    Sometimes difficult to get between the people and the surface is not super smooth, that's why it is beautiful!

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    • 3 juillet 2018

  • Niels

    Beautiful route along the shipping channel. no cars and good surface, but more often times many pedestrians.

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    • 26 juillet 2018

  • Tobias

    Can be driven very well.

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    • 30 décembre 2019

  • Tom Spandau

    This section belongs to the long distance cycle path Berlin - Copenhagen.

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    • 14 mai 2019

  • Samuel Kuhn

    Nice bike path right on the water. Attention at night, no lighting and a lot of roots!

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 18 juin 2020

  • Cornelius

    Nice slope! Drives wonderfully

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 18 août 2020

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Position:Berlin, Allemagne


  • Distance1,48 km
  • Montée10 m
  • Descente10 m

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Radweg zwischen Mäckeritzbrücke und General-Ganeval-Brücke