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  • Simau

    Here is worth a break, relax on the beach and drinks are also available. And ships !!!

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    • 8 janvier 2017

  • Elbsolar

    This beach is much used in good weather.

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    • 16 juillet 2017

  • Jobst

    Nice route. If the infinite amount of walkers were not.
    At the very least, they have to run side by side in threes and, like butterflies in the air, stumble over each other's way; Push one or two pushchairs. Now you come by bike and you think you can pass. No way. Bikes and the already mentioned three or five chain come to meet you. And back + again cars may there also torture. The way back to Teufelsbrück we have then made on the main road. This route? By bicycle? Not again. It's no fun.

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    • 31 mai 2018

  • MarioAlex (Kreiznacher Bub)

    Chill, chill out, chill !!!
    Jupp !!

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    • 17 octobre 2019

  • Michael Keck

    A tour along the Elbe, by the way, in any direction, is always great. There is always something to watch .. ships, large and small .. only to be underestimated: The possibly prevailing "stiff breeze"! ..

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    • 15 septembre 2017

  • E+Bike on Tour

    On hot summer days it is quite busy here!

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    • 9 septembre 2019

  • Pepe

    In good weather, great view of the harbor.

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    • 28 janvier 2020

  • Dayenna

    In times of Corona you can't even look up at the dike ... too bad.

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    • 12 mai 2020

  • rusty

    Please drive carefully here and pay attention to pedestrians and other cyclists. When things get tight, stay relaxed and friendly. Above all, be considerate and patient with weaker road users. In the event of potential conflicts with drivers, one should know: 1. Drivers have no business on the beach path on weekends and public holidays in the summer months (except residents with special police permits). 2. The one-way street is officially released for cyclists in the opposite direction. Therefore, please do not use your bike to switch to the sidewalk (except maybe when the bus arrives). 3. Just because a car with an extra-wide width accommodates you don't have to jump aside as a cyclist. 4. The Falkensteiner Ufer is up to the Fahrradstraße campsite, but in practice it is more a promenade. Cars and motorcycles have no business here (not even during the week), unless they are residents.

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    • 14 mai 2020

  • Torsten Fleuren

    Cycling is not possible everywhere. Sometimes the bike has to be pushed.

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    • 11 août 2020

  • Tom

    Always nice hi

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    • 20 février 2021

  • Lucifer121


    • 20 juillet 2020

  • Thom-AS

    It's worth taking a break. Comfortable, and always a view of the Elbe and towards the harbor

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    • 21 juin 2021

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