Hoher Stein

Hoher Stein

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  • Söhni 🏃

    The Hohe Stein is a group of rocks and part of the forest stone range in the Fichtelgebirge. It has a height of about 25 m, the highest point is 817 m above sea level. NHN. It is a granite rock in weathered wool sack. On the rocks, iron ladders lead to the lookout point, which is unsecured, so there is no railing or similar. You should consider this before climbing, especially if you are not completely free from vertigo. Although the Hohe Stein is not far from the Kleine Waldstein, another rock formation, this can only be reached via detours.

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    • 23 février 2020

  • Matze

    That's a very distinctive point. Thanks for the tip.
    You always drive past here on the way to Weissenstadt or Bischofsgrün, but we've never actually stayed here (except years ago at a village festival). Good that there are komoot - and the people who set the highlights. Have saved the highlight, and we will do that in the near future.
    (I can only rate the highlight if we were there because I'm not offered this right now ...)

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    • 18 septembre 2019

  • Harald Schramm (Schocker)

    Is already a dangerous leader, so beware🙈
    Also for the actual way to the stone, good footwear and sure-footedness is advisable.

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    • 20 mars 2019

  • Birgitbh

    Top rock with a steep ladder. It's really worth it.

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    • 20 juillet 2020

  • Lars

    The Hohe Stein is a popular climbing rock. The simple hiker is also able to climb it via a metal ladder. The plateau is then unsecured, which is why the ascent is only recommended for hikers who are free from giddiness and sure-footed. The view is beautiful, unfortunately it is only possible in one direction. Around the Hohen Stein, several small boulders invite you to play or linger.

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    • 26 juillet 2020

  • Jan

    A great sight from below.
    The ascent is easy with the two ladders, but you should definitely be sure-footed and free from giddiness.

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    • 29 juillet 2020

  • Armin Bock©️

    It's really cool, especially the steep ladders are tough.

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    • 21 novembre 2020

  • Zieselwiesel

    Great view towards Kornberg and Epsprechstein. You should be free from giddiness. Sturdy, sure-footed shoes are important in winter. Just as good gloves for the iron ladder, they shouldn't be the best Sunday gloves because the ladder is coated with rust-proof paint.

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    • 13 février 2021

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Position:Kirchenlamitz, Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge, Haute-Franconie, Bavière, Allemagne


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Hoher Stein