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  • charles

    Creux du Van - Gran Canyon of Switzerland
    Notes: The impressive rock basin of the Creux du Van is the oldest nature reserve in Switzerland (since 1870) - lynx and ibex feel at home here. The approximately 200 m high rocks drop vertically and form a horseshoe-shaped vessel of one kilometer in diameter. At the top of the crete a breathtaking path leads along the edge.
    In the steep forest slopes to the left and right of the rocks, there are two steep, rough, but well-maintained paths. Beware of moisture!

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    • 27 décembre 2016

  • Kurt Brodbeck

    The Creux du Van is tucked away in an eastern side valley of the Val-de-Travers, which ends in the Creux du Van. It stretches over a width of about 1,200 meters and is about 500 meters deep. The height of the vertical rock face is 160 meters. If you want to see the Creux du Van from below, the best way to start is at the station of Noiraigue. If you want to see the Gorges de l'Areuse, you can start the tour in Boudry. If you would like to see the Creux du Van from the top, it is best to hike from Noiraigue or from Travers by bike to the 1,465 meter high Le Soliat.

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    • 5 avril 2017

  • Martin Friedl

    Majestic canyon with a great view!

    • 21 juillet 2016

  • charles

    Beautiful round hike through a fantastic Jura Formation

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    • 27 décembre 2016

  • B@

    On the whole length, a natural spectacle.

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    • 15 avril 2017

  • Al

    I am actually living in the region and each time I can go to the Creux-du-Van, it's ever a dream with the Nature , the cows, the ibex and the restaurants Le Soliat, La Grand--Vy and La Roche-Devant with a beautiful view on the lake of Neuchatel and the Alps.

    • 9 mai 2019

  • Sascha

    Ascend from Noirague is very narrow and can be slippery when stil wet/moist. Descend is very steep towards the lake but on paved Roads.

    • 29 juillet 2019

  • IceBlazeMp

    One of the most beautiful and impressive power places in Switzerland!

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    • 25 mai 2020

  • charles

    The hike leads to the mighty rock circus Creux du Van, a true regional icon created by the erosion activity of water and ice. A breathtaking panoramic view awaits you at the summit. As a nature reserve, the Creux du Van provides habitat for ibex, chamois and marmots.

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    • 15 février 2018

  • Greg

    Can be dangerous in bad weather (no barriers near steep smooth cliff edges).

    • 25 mai 2020

  • Giuze_ch

    Go on the east side to avoid crowd of people

    • 26 juin 2020

  • Mirko

    Easy to visit - but impressive!

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    • 7 août 2020

  • Willy

    The Creux du Van [ˈkʀødyˌvɑ̃] is a cirque in the Swiss Jura on the border between the cantons of Neuchâtel and Vaud.It is about 1200 meters wide and 500 meters deep. The total length of the rock walls, which drop vertically around 160 meters, is around four kilometers. The area is at Mont Soliat at 1200 to 1450 m above sea level. M. It has been under protection since 1972 and is part of the federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments of national importance.The cauldron was probably created by erosion after the Würm glacial period. The ground is covered with moraine and landslide material on which fir and beech trees grow. In the middle under the above unwooded part of the basin lies the Fontaine Froide spring, whose water is evenly 4 ° C cold all year round.Ibex and chamois live on the rock walls. In 1770 the last bear was hunted in the Creux-du-Van area. In 1974 and 1975 a pair of lynx was released. The lynx were caught in the wild from the Slovak Carpathians.The geologically and botanically valuable area is also a popular excursion destination, which is best reached on foot from Noiraigue. By car you can get to the Ferme du Soliat restaurant at the top of the rock basin via Couvet or Saint-Aubin-Sauges.On the unwooded upper edge of the basin, an approx. Two kilometer long dry stone wall was built to replace a less aesthetic wire mesh fence. The wall was built free of charge by an international group and is therefore also called the Wall of Friendship.

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    • 2 jours environ

  • Michele

    creux du van

    • 27 juillet 2020

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