Unterfeuer Somfletherwisch

Unterfeuer Somfletherwisch

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  • Siegfried LG

    If you drive up the Elbe from Lühe, you will pass this new lighthouse. A technical highlight for the seafaring industry.

    A new beacon for the Elbe.
    The directional fire line between the old Unterfeuer Mielstack and the upper fire Somfletherwisch marks the fairway through the Elbbogen for the Elbe uprunning ships near the Lühemündung at Stade.

    The new container and cruise ships are getting bigger and bigger, so that the directional fire line was no longer up to these gigantic heights. The historic Unterfeuer Mielstack had to give way to a more modern and higher Unterfeuer.

    The new sub-fire Somfletherwisch was rebuilt on a deep-rooted reinforced concrete foundation. The lighthouses consist of a steel construction with a diameter of about 3 meters. The lantern was rebuilt based on historical models.

    For fur seals: The directional fire has a visibility of 12.3 nautical miles and marks the course line 136 °. The identification of the underfire is "Iso 8s". This means that the fire burns in common mode for 8 seconds, 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off ...


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    • 2 mai 2017

  • JR56

    The red and white tower with circulating gallery and black conical roof stands on a concrete pedestal, directly on the banks of the Elbe.
    The new lighthouse replaces the historic Mielstack underfire. The new building was necessary because the light path of the Leuchtweg for the ever higher ships no longer true. The directional fire line marks the fairway through an elbow for the ships going up the Elbe near the mouth of the river Luhemünde.

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    • 28 juin 2019

  • Patrick W.

    A great photo subject, behind the beach and on both sides nice view of the stream

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    • 7 juillet 2018

  • Mike T.

    If you cycle along the cycle path along the Elbe, you will inevitably come here

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    • 13 août 2018

  • MarioAlex (Kreiznacher Bub)

    The huge beacon is not to be missed and is very impressive.

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    • 6 septembre 2018

  • ElwtalBagalut

    Fronter Diek, a Light-hearted Rot-Witt worm on the blue eleven-headed hoops, as already known to the postcards, resident.

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    • 13 février 2019

  • Pedalix

    Stop and take a photo is mandatory here 😉😁 Great view of the Elbe and the bike path can be excellent drive.

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    • 30 mai 2019

  • Wildrocker🌍

    Is right on the Elbe and is highly visible!
    Nice photo motive!

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    • 5 juin 2019

  • Hans-Jürgen

    On the dike there are a number of benches that invite to rest.
    If you take your time, you can also watch large ships entering and leaving the port of Hamburg.

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    • 15 août 2019

  • Nancy 😗 🥾🚶‍♀️⛰ 🚴‍♀️

    An absolute photo motif.

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    • 4 juillet 2020

  • ElwtalBagalut

    Dust lures (lifestyles) and the Elw go ok for a "normal" winner a furry picture.

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    • 8 octobre 2018

  • MarioAlex (Kreiznacher Bub)

    The look is very nice.

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    • 27 septembre 2018

  • Claudia

    Nice photo motif right on the water

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    • 5 juin 2020

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Unterfeuer Somfletherwisch