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  • Pegasus

    Possenhofen Castle is a palace complex consisting of the Old Palace, a cubic hipped roof with four transverse towers, the New Palace, also known as a horseshoe structure, and the Palace Chapel, which lies between the two structures and connects them via a corridor. The castle is located in the Possenhofen district of the Pöcking municipality in the Starnberg district, Upper Bavaria. Princess Elisabeth in Bavaria (also known as Sisi), the later Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, spent her childhood here, which later made the palace famous.

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    • 12 mai 2017

  • Klaus

    After several owners, most recently the Imperial Count Basselet of la Rosée, the castle and the two Hofmarken Possenhofen and Garatshausen 1834 came into the possession of Duke Max Joseph in Bavaria. His daughter Elisabeth (Sissi) and her numerous siblings spent here - according to their reports - a happy childhood. For the film Sissi from 1955, however, the castle Fuschl on Lake Fuschl in the Salzkammergut served as scenery.

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    • 5 août 2017

  • Till

    Castle from 1536 that the father of Sissi acquired in 1834.

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    • 1 juillet 2018

  • Mountainb(M)ike

    Very nice castle always worth a stop on the tour 👍

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    • 6 août 2018

  • Enrico

    Is privately owned and can not be visited.

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    • 17 septembre 2018

  • Richard

    Unfortunately privately owned and therefore not to be visited. Nevertheless, at least a beautiful and prominent part of Bavarian and Austrian history.

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    • 15 octobre 2019

  • Hermann Ellenrieder

    A great building where you cycle past

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    • 15 août 2018

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Position:Pöcking, région des cinq lacs de Starnberg, Starnberg, Haute-Bavière, Bavière, Allemagne


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