Traurige Geschichte des vergessene Flugzeug (Boeing 707-458)

Traurige Geschichte des vergessene Flugzeug (Boeing 707-458)

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  • B__24

    simply a beautiful sight the abandoned airplane (the Boeing 707-458) at the Tegel airfield.

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    • 22 août 2020

  • thanhome

    This aircraft was used in scheduled service by the Israeli El Al airline. After it was taken out of service, it was given a different label so that it can be sent to West Berlin, to Tegel TXL. As a present.
    It stood and stands away from the inner city airport, at the end of the runway. In the end, it was also used for exercise purposes by the fire brigade and security forces. Presumably it will be scrapped by the end of the airport

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    • 15 février 2021

  • georg

    If you want to see the aircraft, you should hurry, today (May 10th, 2021) excavators were at work that dismantled the aircraft into its individual parts.

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    • 11 mai 2021

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Traurige Geschichte des vergessene Flugzeug (Boeing 707-458)