Ortsmitte Hayna

Ortsmitte Hayna

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  • cabi

    beautiful historic village with half-timbered houses

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    • 2 mai 2018

  • Scout Jens

    A beautiful village. In addition to the half-timbered houses and the "smoker", the Elwetritschen fountain is worth mentioning. The small version of the fountain in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.The Elwetritsch is a bird-like mythical creature that is reported in southwest Germany and especially in the Palatinate. The Elwetritsch is to be seen as a local equivalent to mythical creatures in other regions, such as the Bavarian Wolpertinger or the Thuringian rattle. Source. Wikipedia

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    • 2 août 2020

  • Kurpfalzradler

    Very nice town on the tobacco bike path. In addition to the beautiful half-timbered houses, there are also very old Duwak heads!

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    • 15 novembre 2019

  • Mull

    Great half-timbered houses - idyllic

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    • 3 juin 2019

  • 1Marianne PWV On Tour

    A large number of half-timbered houses, nicely spruced up, are available for inspection in Hayna in the main street.

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    • 24 août 2020

  • Roger

    It's worth getting off your bike here and walking through it

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    • 16 septembre 2020

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Ortsmitte Hayna