Uelzener Hafen

Uelzener Hafen

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  • FelixOutdoor

    Here you can watch a small but chic cargo port. It's exciting to see how the ships are loaded!

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    • 4 août 2017

  • Sachsen Onkel

    The harbor north of Uelzen has a quay length of 400 m.

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    • 14 juin 2017

  • JR56

    The port of Uelzen on the Elbe Lateral Canal is of particular importance for the economic region with an annual turnover of well over 400,000 tons. An industrial area is directly attached. The Elbe Lateral Canal connects Uelzen with the seaports of Hamburg and Lübeck as well as with the industrial and commercial centers of Hanover, Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Magdeburg in a day trip. In addition, the Elbe Lateral Canal creates a connection to the entire European inland waterway network.

    Uelzen can be reached by water for inland vessels of class 5b (large motor cargo ships) with coasters with a draft of up to 2.80 m and a maximum load capacity of 2,100 t. The port of Uelzen is about two thirds of the way towards Hamburg at kilometer 70.74 and is managed by UHU Uelzener Hafenbetriebs- und Umschlags GmbH.


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    • 4 août 2019

  • Siegfried LG

    With a quay length of 400 meters, the port has a total of four berths, each with a draft of 2.80 meters, which allows loading and unloading of ships of all types and loads. Up to three barges can be processed here at the same time.

    Mainly bulk goods such as fertilizers, grain and wood are handled. The port can be called by ships of inland shipping class Vb (European ships) and push convoys up to 200 m in length and, like the adjacent industrial area, has a siding.


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    • 9 août 2018

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Uelzener Hafen