Grünhagen: Die Holzbrücke über die Ilmenau

Grünhagen: Die Holzbrücke über die Ilmenau

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  • Siegfried LG

    This is the 8th sculpture on the path of Annegret Kühne. It points to the further course of Ilmenau. which moves in loops towards Lüneburg.It stands on the east side of Ilmenau, near the wooden bridge near Grünhagen.

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    • 25 juin 2017

  • Siegfried LG

    If you are on the bike path next to the B4, you can turn here over the wooden bridge to Hohenbostel. Then you drive away from the noise of the B4 through a beautiful landscape and meet in Hohenbostel on the Ilmenauradweg. On the way you pass two sculptures: Meandering and The Moment.

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    • 25 juin 2017

  • Brando

    Wooden bridge, river bank, sculpture - lots of interesting things to discover!

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    • 2 septembre 2020

  • Maik Richter

    A pretty wooden bridge leads over the Ilmenau (for cyclists and pedestrians). The bridge leads to a "sculpture path" and there is an alternative route to Bienenbüttel, so that you do not have to cycle further along the busy B4. However, one drives here partly on unpaved roads (first a piece of single trail, then a two-lane dirt road).

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    • 17 octobre 2020

  • Semi GTI

    You start right at the new wooden pedestrian bridge, there is a footbridge. Access is via the B4, there are only a few parking spaces.Turning with a trailer is difficult there if some vehicles are already parked. The exit requires good nerves, as you have to get on the busy B 4 immediately

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    • 13 janvier 2021

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Grünhagen: Die Holzbrücke über die Ilmenau