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  • Maren Ingrid

    The 400m long ridge on the edge of the Black Forest National Park was created about 250 million years ago by the cold of the magma filling a broad rock gap. By erosion, the soft rock layers were removed, so that today only the harder porphyry remains as a ridge.

    On the ridge itself, surefootedness and a head for heights are needed. The ridge is not - like via ferratas in the Alps - secured by wire ropes or treads and should therefore only be committed in dry weather. There are also no way markers, so you have to find your own way.

    Incidentally, in 1926, the Karlsruher ridge was named in honor of several climbing friends from the Karlsruhe region who were fatally injured on the ridge. So be careful with your climbing and enjoy the fantastic view over the Black Forest!

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    • 27 septembre 2017

  • Tom

    For me one of the most beautiful paths in the northern Black Forest. Something climbing that is really fun and great views. But beware: you have to be free from dizziness. Not only did I find desperate hikers there who could not continue. It is an unsecured via ferrata!

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    • 20 novembre 2016

  • Thorsten

    There are often times this weekend on the weekend ... If you prefer it quieter should be best to come during the week!

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    • 3 décembre 2016

  • 1Marianne PWV On Tour

    The 400 meter long Karlsruher ridge is near Ottenhöfen. The ridge is an alpine route with climbing, vertigo provided. The Karlsruher ridge is the only via ferrata in the northern Black Forest.

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    • 1 octobre 2017

  • steffend

    The difficult sections are easy to wander around.

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    • 3 décembre 2016

  • Annemarie Ohmer

    Climbing over the Karlsruher ridge is required, good footwear and safety when climbing is definitely a prerequisite for a great rock landscape.

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    • 2 octobre 2017

  • steffend

    Surefootedness is recommended, but all dangerous areas can be bypassed

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 13 mars 2018

  • Joachim

    Challenging alpine environment that should not be underestimated.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 11 juin 2018

  • SpecialGuest

    From Ottenhöfen comes the "Genießerpfad - Karlsruher ridge" over the noble grave. A very nice, varied tour.

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    • 4 juin 2017

  • Jochen

    Really great section to climb. I had a lot of fun. You can often vary the level of difficulty yourself here. Climb out on the steep cliffs or use the existing small paths. But you can not miss a few tricky spots. Therefore I also have the advice, sure-footedness, good shoes and a head for heights. Otherwise, the rock is quite hardy in dry weather.

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    • 19 avril 2019

  • Marcus

    Excursion path with a fascinating view. For those less sure-footed, a narrow path leads alongside the rocks.

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    • 31 août 2018

  • Highfield

    Porphyry ridge; nice climbing on grifigne rocks; here you have to use your hands now and then. Only recommended in dry weather.

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    • 3 septembre 2017

  • Nicolet

    It is worth to come in the morning very early, then you have the ridge still to yourself.

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    • 27 octobre 2019

  • Sinzemer

    Surefootedness and a head for heights is required here. Beautiful views of the valley reward for the effort. If you want, you can also skip the difficult spots over a bypass.

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    • 27 mai 2018


    The lower approach is nice, but the ridge crossing is outstanding, the level of difficulty is variable, but this is defensive mountain hiking!

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    • 31 décembre 2019

  • Marcus

    Especially because of its alpine and exposed path, there are always great views of the Black Forest foothills and the Rhine Valley. Exceptional also for this region.

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    • 23 septembre 2018

  • Lucas

    This tightrope walk is worthwhile and offers a great view. However, you should be sure-footed and free of vertigo.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 22 avril 2019

  • Patrick Göser

    I've researched the classification according to the SAC scale. The Karlsruher ridge is rated T4 + difficult alpine hiking. Since the section is never very exposed and there is always the possibility for non-vertigo-free to dodge the forest route, nothing should stand in the way of an ascent.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 31 juillet 2019

  • Marian

    Great tightrope walk with a bit of climbing. Also a bit exhausting and demanding, but you will be rewarded with great nature and a beautiful view.
    Not suitable for everyone, you should be sure-footed and have no fear of heights.

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    • 29 avril 2019

  • Ekiam

    Anyone who is not free from dizziness can go outside, alternatives are always given

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    • 11 novembre 2019

  • Marcus

    Should you just hiked. Also suitable for not sure-footed because parallel way.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 8 septembre 2018

  • Marcus

    Wonderful way over the rocks. Partially very exposed. But there is a small path that is harmless right next to no dizziness. Outlook is great.

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    • 13 septembre 2018

  • Christoph

    Via ferrata Karlsruher ridge

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    • 6 mai 2018

  • Marcus

    Very rewarding hike in alpine terrain. Who should go over the ridge be sure-footed.
    Parallel runs a small path.

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    • 13 septembre 2018

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Position:Ottenhöfen im Schwarzwald, Ortenau, District de Fribourg, Bade-Wurtemberg, Allemagne


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