Horster Mühle

Horster Mühle

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  • Paddelmann

    In good weather you can also explore the "Bach" with a combination of Kayak / Canadier and Radl! Are many organizers and distributors along the Ruhr. Route length arbitrarily selectable and also for beginners well feasible, since there are always instructions.

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    • 4 avril 2019

  • Uwe aus Essen

    The Horster mill was one of the oldest Essen mill plants. It was already mentioned in the 12th century in connection with the emergence of a Ruhr army. Its original location was about 300 meters upstream on a Ruhr island. As from 1774 new hydraulic structures were built in the navigability of the Ruhr, the mill was given its current location opposite the new lock. It was operated as an oil, fruit, and blue mill. Among other things, cobalt, which originated from deposits in the Hespertal on Baldeneysee, was broken in the Horster mill and used for blue dyeing of slaughter products that were exported to the USA. The Horster mill was in 1846 the property of the Essen industrialist Wilhelm Niemann.In 1910, the factory owner Wilhelm Vogelsang took over the Horster mill and converted the mill into a hydroelectric power station and a carbide factory. The result was several factory buildings in the restrained brick architecture of that time with distinctive, segment-curved roof shapes. The complex is dominated by the high chimney with the signature of Vogelsang, whose brickwork is structured by light stone ribbons. The restored power plant building contains turbine parts and generators, some of which date back to the first decades of the 20th century.The carbide production ended in 1932, the power plant remained in operation until 1977, then it was shut down due to inefficiency. In 1985, the company Rudolph and Co. acquired the listed plant. The hydropower plant was modernized by four new turbines and generators, the original machinery in the hall restored according to museum criteria. Since 1989, the power plant has been supplying electricity again.route-industriekultur.ruhr/themenrouten/11-fruehe-industrialisierung/horster-muehle.html

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    • 2 septembre 2017

  • Ben

    The Horster mill is now a hydroelectric power plant on the Ruhr in the Essen district Horst. It belongs to the route of industrial culture.
    1910 acquired the entrepreneur Wilhelm Vogelsang (* 1877, † 1939) from the Dammer bankruptcy, the mill, the Hörster field and surrounding land, Horstund the residence, the present Villa Vogelsang. He built several factory buildings in brick architecture. The still existing chimney of Carbidfabrik contains bright stone bands and the lettering W. Vogelsang.

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    • 1 juin 2019

  • Edwin

    Nice view of the power plant

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    • 21 avril 2019

  • Jürgen

    The listed building complex on the Ruhr is very old and tells a lot about the history of industry. It belongs to the Route of Industrial Culture.

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    • 23 mars 2021

  • Sternchen79

    Beautiful route along the Ruhr. During the day there is a lot going on in good weather. I therefore rather love the rounds in the evening when it is a little quieter and you have a beautiful backdrop to the sunset.

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    • 2 juin 2019

  • André Hildebrand

    Most beautiful section of the towpath. You feel like you're driving on the same level as the Ruhr. There are also not shy geese crossing the street. So take care...

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    • 17 mai 2020

  • Ulrich Rider

    A particularly beautiful piece of earth that can be marveled at from the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path. especially nice in the early morning hours

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    • 17 mars 2021

  • Bettina 🌻

    Great route

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    • 1 juin 2020

  • Mike

    The Holster Mühle is a small hydropower plant that is powered by the Ruhr. The hydropower plant is located opposite the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path on the Bochum Dahlhausen border, Essen Horst.

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    • 12 août 2020

  • Dirk Herda

    View from the Ruhr Bridge ......

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    • 7 octobre 2020

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Horster Mühle