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  • Helmut Bär

    Another side of the Venn which is worth watching!

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    • 6 novembre 2017

  • Sascha

    The Steeg walk to the duck's nest is very nice. The Pfuhl itself is nothing special, but there are parking spaces that can be used as an entry point into the peat bog / BRackvenn.

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    • 7 novembre 2017

  • joetobn

    Somehow, you are happy when you reach the small pool in the Venn, even if he is nothing special ...
    Opposite the pond there is also a bank for a short break at a crossroads ...

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    • 24 avril 2019

  • MoRi

    June 2020, it looks like the beavers have been looking for a new home. There are no fresh traces of their work on the duck pool.

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    • 24 juin 2020

  • Willigipfel

    If you walk through the raised bog with your eyes open and take your time, you will notice constant changes in the terrain that affect vegetation and plants.

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    • 22 juillet 2020

  • Willigipfel

    The bog has its charms in every season and is worth a visit.

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    • 22 juillet 2020

  • Rainer Schmidt

    Beautiful way on wooden bridges by the Brackvenn; The ridges are mostly quite narrow and can be smooth and slippery when wet. In some places, the bridges are in a not very good condition.
    The decent itself is not really special.
    In drought (red flag) the moor must not be entered. On hot summer days better early in the morning or in the evening go and do not forget sunscreen.

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    • 2 juin 2019

  • Peter_H_65 🐻

    The Brackvenn lies on both sides of the Monschauer road (N 67), which leads from Monschau to Eupen. The trails are well signposted and along the boardwalks there are always information boards.
    North of the N 67 is the Brackvenn divided into Nahtsief and Puzen. Parts of the area have been renatured. At the northern edge of this area lies the duck's nest, a pingo or palsen, which was filled with drainage ditches with water to have firefighting water for fires in the Venn.
    South of the N 67 are the Venngebiete Im Platten Venn, Hobbe and the Royal peat bog. In this area there are several Palsen or "Mooraugen". One of them, the Hellenketel, is located near the parking lot Nahtsief.
    In the royal peat bog no peat was mined and the original bog vegetation is still preserved. The area is therefore strictly protected and is not accessible.
    In both parts of Brackvenn there are several pals (pingos). They originated at the end of the last ice age about 10,000 to 11,000 years ago and consist of a round earth wall, which surrounds a water hole, the so-called Moorauge. These geologically interesting formations can be easily recognized on aerial photographs, e.g. on google-earth.
    As in all fens, there is a risk of fire from prolonged drought. In such a case, a red flag is hoisted at the entrances to the Venn - entering the Venn is then not allowed.

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    • 22 juin 2019

  • Nicole

    A trip in autumn is worth it because of the great colors!

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    • 20 mai 2020

  • EifelFranke

    Worth a detour at any time of the year.

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    • 5 avril 2021

  • marc_bret

    Also special atmosphere in winter

    • 28 avril 2019

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