Fähre Lühe-Schulau

Fähre Lühe-Schulau

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  • Siegfried LG

    The ferry takes you to the Schulau ferry terminal in Wedel in about 25 minutes. Even with bicycles.
    Timetable and prices (HVV tickets do not apply):

    Especially on weekends when the weather is nice, the world meets at the Lühe ferry pier and it can get very crowded. They don't all take the ferry, but enjoy the stalls and enjoy the Elbe.

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    • 28 mars 2018

  • Manfred Bargsten

    The ferry Lühe-Schulau is an absolute highlight. Travel time: 25 minutes. You can also sit and drive right back. It's like a little cruise, with luck it will be a ride among the big pots. From March 24, the summer timetable applies. Information at luehe-schulau-faehre.de or Tel: 04141-78 86 67

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    • 27 mars 2018

  • Hinnerk

    Much visited destination with a great view of the Elbe.

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    • 27 mars 2018

  • Derda Von Dort

    Translate by ferry quickly, here it is possible for little money.

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    • 27 juillet 2019

  • HamiHH

    The ferry connection between Wedel and Lühe.
    Bikes can be taken with you and you have the opportunity to cycle through the old country.

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    • 7 août 2018

  • 𝕰𝖑𝖜𝖙𝖆𝖑𝕭𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖑𝖚𝖙 🚲

    25 But for the sake of the elves, all things can happen. Fine Business.

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    • 13 février 2019

  • MarioAlex (Kreiznacher Bub)

    Can only agree with the previous speakers.
    It was relatively quiet this Tuesday.

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    • 4 septembre 2018

  • JR56

    From the Lühe pier in the Altes Land, you can take a ferry across the Elbe to Wedel in Schleswig-Holstein and then cross over to Lühe.

    Sail to the other side of the Elbe - the Lühe pier is a starting point: from Lühe in the Altes Land to Wedel in Schleswig-Holstein and from Wedel to Lühe. The Lühe-Schulau ferry transports pedestrians and cyclists back and forth. It takes around 25 minutes. Since 1918 there has been a connection between Wedel, now a city in the Hamburg metropolitan region, and Lühe, a place in the first mile of the Altes Land.

    There the Lühe pier has become an excursion destination. There are many reasons for a stay there: A snack at one of the many stalls, a walk across the dikes, a break from running, cycling, motorcycling or driving on the dike crown - there are plenty of benches to linger. From there you can also see the big pots on the Elbe that go to Hamburg or from there to the North Sea.


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    • 29 juin 2019

  • Vlady

    The ferry connection is nice. The next ferry is in Wischhafen, the next bridge is in Hamburg

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    • 9 juin 2019

  • Nancy 😗 🥾🚶‍♀️⛰ 🚴‍♀️

    The ferry connection takes you to the other side of the Elbe several times a day.

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    • 14 février 2020

  • AL Bundy

    Dine, drink, view, translate from here by ferry ...

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    • 13 juillet 2020

  • Florian Hecek

    Runs according to a fixed timetable, very friendly crew.

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    • 5 juin 2021

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