Altes Land

Altes Land

Sortie à vélo - Incontournable (Segment)

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  • Manfred Bargsten

    A few quiet kilometers through orchards, mostly apple trees. The apple trees are currently in full bloom. Some side paths lead to ponds. Strange: the flowers were lavishly beautiful, but I didn't see or hear any bees, bumblebees or other insects during my breaks. It was remarkably quiet when taking pictures.
    The red and white lighthouse of Lühe appears in the background towards the Elbe. Good economic route. Closed to general traffic.

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    • 29 avril 2018

  • Derda Von Dort

    Apple trees as far as the eye can see, and one more beautiful than the other, simply seductive.

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    • 27 juillet 2019

  • Lemmi alias Schlumpf

    Since you get really good mood. and everything smells so nice.

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    • 30 août 2018

  • Manfred

    In the autumn die the trees are full of thick red apples 🍎 a real joy to cycle through, here can be explained clearly to the children where the apple comes from

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    • 3 octobre 2019

  • Manfred Bargsten

    At the exit Mittelkirchen (road to Jork) turn left. Immediately begins a fruit tree plantation (mostly apples), which extends to the Lühedeich (Borstel). My tip: in the last 3 hours before sunset go through this route - or go through. It looks gorgeous and smells good. The Old Country has put on its "apple wedding dress". Here only a high stand is missing, so that one gets an overview from above.

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    • 24 avril 2019

  • Juliane Falge

    just beautiful during flowering

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    • 27 avril 2020

  • trackfinder

    not all apple trees are also cherry trees with prepared tarpaulins (against blackheaded birds)

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    • 30 mai 2020

  • Andreas

    away from car traffic

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    • 14 juin 2020

  • Zero-One

    ... through endless fruit plantations.

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    • 11 août 2020

  • Dörthe


    • 16 août 2020

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Position:Mittelnkirchen, Stade, Basse-Saxe, Allemagne


  • Distance2,58 km
  • Montée20 m
  • Descente20 m

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Altes Land