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  • Herbert

    The Wewelsburg is - from the direction of Ahden - a widely visible great structure.

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    • 2 octobre 2019

  • Söhni 🏃

    The Wewelsburg was rebuilt 1603-1609 in its unique triangular shape in the style of the Weser Renaissance by Prince-Bishop Dietrich von Fürstenberg including older buildings. It is located above the Almetal near Paderborn. Today the Wewelsburg is home to the Kreismuseum and a popular youth hostel.

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    • 27 octobre 2017

  • Lupo

    The Wewelsburg is unique as a triangle castle in Germany.

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    • 15 mai 2020

  • Rick Mave

    High above the Almetal built Paderborn prince bishops between 1603 and 1609 in the style of the Weser Renaissance on a mountain spur the Wewelsburg. Experience history at your fingertips, enjoy different insights and insights, the castle's gastronomy or a short break in the youth hostel. Whether you travel alone, as a family or group, as a hiker or by bike - discover the constantly changing variety of topics on the Wewelsburg.
    This and other interesting facts:

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    • 29 octobre 2018

  • Faehlixw

    Opening hours:

    Tuesday Friday
    10-17 clock

    Saturday, Sunday, holidays
    10-18 o'clock


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    • 2 juillet 2016

  • carsten

    Unique triangle castle.
    As a bike destination with great views
    or as a family trip with a museum visit.
    Can be combined with airport visit.

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    • 15 août 2017

  • Dachdenker

    There is a youth hostel in the castle and the gate to the inner courtyard is in my opinion. always open and the courtyard accessible. The way up can be difficult for inexperienced cyclists, as can the way down. You should definitely have seen this highlight.

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    • 3 juin 2020

  • ebiketourinfo / Holger

    The Cafe Restaurant 'Zur Wewelsburg' I found to be extremely beautiful and stylish. The service was fast at the table, although it was packed. The cake tasted very good. The dishes range from snacks and burgers as well as schnitzel, salads and so on to dessert.

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    • 15 octobre 2017

  • ebiketourinfo / Holger

    The Wewelsburg is beautifully preserved and there is also a restaurant, which offers food in any form. From a small dish to a menu, cake ect. Everything is possible (not too expensive;)) on the menu.

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    • 17 octobre 2017

  • Lupo

    The only triangular castle in Germany

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    • 15 mai 2020

  • Sydrive

    The view of the castle is always worth a detour

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    • 25 août 2020

  • Lol Pro And Her Dog 🇬🇧

    Such a beautiful place

    • 11 décembre 2020

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