Felsiger Wanderweg (Seehaus - Schneeberg)

Felsiger Wanderweg (Seehaus - Schneeberg)

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  • Klausi

    Very beautiful natural path

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    • 29 août 2020

  • flo11986

    Sturdy shoes are recommended

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    • 27 mai 2018

  • Naxxos

    One could almost say here, "the way is the goal"! The landscape is extremely varied, sometimes path and path, it actually goes from the Seehaus in numerous turns up to the summit of the Schneeberg. Don't miss the short detour to the impressive summit of the Nusshardt, the third highest peak in the Fichtelgebirge.

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    • 3 juillet 2020

  • Harald Schramm (Schocker)

    You have to have your eyes open here.
    Stones and roots pave the way here.
    But wonderfully beautiful.
    After a downpour it resembles a mountain stream.

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    • 23 août 2018

  • Timber

    Who can pay attention to his feet, not only sees great things on the ground. Nature is just gorgeous ... leave it as you found it and leave nothing behind. The nature and the other hikers will be grateful.

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    • 2 juillet 2019

  • Andi Pontanus

    The path is currently very icy - sticks and good shoes are more than recommended!

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    • 6 janvier 2020

  • Stephanie

    The path is very beautiful with the stones and roots. Surefootedness is advisable that you don't trip over the roots. A beautiful natural path through the forest.

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    • 15 août 2020

  • Michael

    As always in the Fichtel Mountains fantastic ...

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    • 21 août 2020

  • Cathrin

    The path is currently icy and should not be underestimated. Surefootedness and possibly sticks would be an advantage. During our hike yesterday there was a serious injury in a young hiker who slipped. So be careful!

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    • 28 décembre 2020

  • Mariaaa

    You have to be careful where you step, but a real change! Not a boring hiking trail!

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    • 6 jours environ

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  • Distance1,08 km
  • Montée90 m
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Felsiger Wanderweg (Seehaus - Schneeberg)