Anstieg Ziegenrückenstraße

Anstieg Ziegenrückenstraße

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  • Olaf

    Rise from Waltersdorf towards racetrack / Hocksteinschänke. Two passages with double-digit percentage at the beginning. Will be easier towards the end. Can you integrate on the way back to Dresden, if you need a few more meters more.

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    • 8 août 2018

  • Stefan 🇪🇺

    After the first steep ramp in the forest, there is a great lookout to Gamrig, Lilienstein, etc. on the left ... it's worth the pause 👍

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    • 18 juillet 2019

  • Georg

    The track is going well. Moderate slope.

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    • 7 décembre 2019

  • Karsten

    Very nice branch line with good road surface and little traffic.

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    • 20 juin 2019

  • Andreas 🚴🏻‍♂️ 🚵‍♂️

    In the lightest gear, it rolls up almost by itself 😁

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    • 7 juillet 2019

  • Oliver

    Wonderful for racing bikes, unfortunately potentially full of day trippers in the car on nice days due to the proximity to Bad Schandau and the Bastei.

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    • 7 octobre 2020

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Position:Bad Schandau, Suisse saxonne, Saxon Switzerland-East Ore Montagnes , Saxe, Allemagne


  • Distance2,45 km
  • Montée80 m
  • Descente20 m

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Anstieg Ziegenrückenstraße