Sternbrücke Weimar

Sternbrücke Weimar

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  • Romy🦋

    The Star Bridge is the oldest bridge that still exists today. It was built in 1651-1653 and led through the Lindentor to the eastern entrance of the castle. It was therefore called Schlossbrücke earlier. The later name Sternbrücke goes back to the nearby baroque palace garden with a star-shaped path design. The structure is a stone bridge with round openings in the gussets, which serve as flood passages. A staircase laid out from the bridge to the park was uncovered only after the renovation in 1994/95.
    The Sternbrücke is a popular meeting place and popular motif for paintings and photos.

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    • 16 juillet 2019

  • Mapf

    The Sternbrücke or Schlossbrücke in Weimar is the most important and oldest historical bridge construction in Weimar, which has been preserved. It is also considered the most architecturally significant bridge over the Ilm (Wikipedia).

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    • 15 décembre 2018

  • Joern

    A beautifully landscaped park

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    • 25 mars 2019

  • Karsten S.

    The cone bridge was once the only connection of the city to the east. It got its name from the conical wooden palisades of the Kegeltores. The wooden bridge was destroyed several times by the Ilm flood. After the Thuringian flood in May 1613, it was rebuilt as a stone bridge.

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    • 16 juillet 2019

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Sternbrücke Weimar