Schloss Herten

Schloss Herten

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  • casterℹx (Rainer S.)

    Herten Castle is a moated castle on the western edge of downtown Herten. It is located in the midst of an old English landscape garden and was first documented in 1376. Since 1962, the main building of the palace complex is a listed building. The present buildings were built in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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    • 20 novembre 2016

  • Maik

    The Nordsternpark presents itself versatile and attractive. Rhein-Herne-Kanal and Emscher ... The amphitheater is the most beautiful open air theater in NRW.

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    • 12 juin 2017

  • RAdler07

    A theater right on the water, here performances get a very special atmosphere.

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    • 15 juin 2017

  • Martin Aßmann

    Castle Herten is always worthwhile. In the castle a nice cafe!

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    • 19 octobre 2014

  • DirkOnTour

    The Nordsternpark is a landscape park on the site of the former coal mine Nordstern in Gelsenkirchen.

    After the decommissioning of the Nordstern mine in 1993, the premises were completely renovated and turned into a landscaped park. In 1997, the Federal Garden Show took place in the park. Through the Nordstern Park, which connects the Gelsenkirchen districts Horst and Hessler, the Rhein-Herne-Kanal and the Emscher.

    The park is part of the European Garden Heritage Network and the Route of Industrial Heritage.

    Furthermore, the Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen is located on the grounds of the Nordsternpark. Many events take place in the amphitheater, especially in spring and summer. Noteworthy events include the Rock Hard Festival, the Kanalfest, the Open Air Cinema, the Blackfield Festival, and concerts by various regional, national and international artists and bands.

    The peculiarities of the Nordsternpark

    * the integration of former colliery buildings into the landscape park,
    * an open air theater located on the Rhine-Herne Canal (Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen),
    * three 18 meter high artificial climbing rocks
    * a visitor's gallery of the Nordstern colliery and
    * The German Express, the third largest Märklin railway in the world.
    * several technically and artistically unusual suspension bridges over the Rhine-Herne Canal and the Emscher
    * the Kinderland with large water playground
    * The Hercules of Gelsenkirchen, a 18-meter-high and 23-tonne sculpture by the German artist Markus Lüpertz

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    • 3 janvier 2017

  • det801

    • Herten Castle was first mentioned in documents in 1376 as a fief of the Imperial Abbey of Werden.

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    • 19 mai 2017

  • Günther

    The Herten moated castle is located in the middle of an old English landscape park, on the edge of the city center of Herten.
    When you leave the park, the art axis Bugenland is very beautiful.

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    • 3 octobre 2017

  • Bea

    Great park with special trees

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    • 10 juin 2018

  • Andrea

    The open-air stage with beer garden presents theaters, big rock concerts and music festivals right on the canal.

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    • 31 juillet 2019

  • DirkOnTour

    As part of the cultural capital RUHR.2010, the artist Nils-Udo created Burgenland, which consists of 15 green mounds between one, two and three meters high. Walkers can experience the ensemble along an axis between Herten Castle and the Hoheward Landscape Park. The axis connects the baroque palace with the industrial landscape in the south of the city.

    The change in landscape due to industrialization can be seen on the green hills, since human intervention has also changed the previous natural landscape. Nils-Udo installed typical Corten steel mine buildings on eight of fifteen hills. The structures continue to decrease in the direction of the Emscherbruch, so that more and more empty hills can be seen towards the former mining site. The models of the mines, which have now become historic, represent the 130-year mining tradition of Hertens.

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    • 5 janvier 2017

  • Manfred Herder

    Beautiful castle garden with beautiful bike paths and benches that invite to a break.

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    • 29 juillet 2019

  • Markus

    Beautiful park centrally located in Herten. With an old moated castle. A variety of ways, so you can always discover new things. Very suitable for taking photos, whether the castle, the chapel, the two ponds or the forest areas. Worthwhile for pedestrians and cyclists. Cars are not allowed in the park. Parking is available but sufficient.

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    • 21 octobre 2019

  • Guido H. 🚵‍♂️ 🌳🏃‍♂️

    Pier Nordstern

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    • 9 mars 2019

  • Hans Peter Schröer ( hannepe. de )

    Castle park in Herten, with castle

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    • 24 septembre 2019

  • Didi

    Nordsternpark linger by the canal

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    • 22 octobre 2018

  • nightrunner

    The whole area makes a great impression.

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    • 6 août 2020

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Schloss Herten