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  • Stephanie

    Soft mosses, huge ferns, sandstone cliffs left and right - here you will find, apart from the much visited attractions Bastei and Schwedenlöcher some peace in no less impressive nature.

    If you want, you can simply continue hiking from the Griesgrund, through the Zscherregrund, Uttewalder Grund, and the Höllengrund.

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    • 9 février 2016

  • Mi

    Just beautiful, is a bit offside and who likes it sporty may look forward to this route.

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    • 10 mars 2018

  • Deine Mutter

    A very nice old hiking trail where you have to climb a little bit, but quite suitable for beginners.
    He goes from stone table Bastei way to the bike path between Rahten and Wehlen.

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    • 28 avril 2018

  • Bent Schrader

    Little committed climbing trail that is especially suitable for the climb. Sturdy shoes and sure-footedness are recommended. But you will be rewarded with an idyllic and exciting for children from about 8 years path.

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    • 13 octobre 2018

  • Stefan 🇪🇺

    The Griesgrund is a "mountain path" in the national park, marked with a green arrow - may therefore be officially committed. Walkable in both directions. Very beautiful and wild ... beautiful Kraxelei.

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    • 2 septembre 2019

  • sargeras

    Here is the beautiful Griesgrund (green hiking mark).

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    • 9 octobre 2019

  • Lutz Heilmann

    This is definitely a highlight. I only came up there by accident. And was really excited was my highlight of the day.

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    • 30 décembre 2019

  • Holger

    Attention, the Griesgrund is wildly romantic, but is located in the core zone of the national park, so it is not maintained as a path and is difficult to walk.

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    • 12 janvier 2020

  • cabi

    Nice easy difficult climb

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    • 26 mai 2017

  • Platti

    Fantastically beautiful and natural backdrop. Hiking, climbing and climbing here is just fun and makes nature lovers' hearts beat faster.
    This route is particularly recommended for and with children because it is feasible, yet impressive and also offers a bit of an adventure feeling.

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    • 24 juin 2019

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Position:Kurort Rathen, Suisse saxonne, Saxon Switzerland-East Ore Montagnes , Saxe, Allemagne


  • Distance1,02 km
  • Montée140 m
  • Descente10 m

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