Haseldorfer Marsch

Haseldorfer Marsch

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  • Svenson

    Great and very beautiful bike path through the marshland, where you can often see "big pots" on the Elbe. Only interrupted by the “legacies” of the numerous sheep. :-) Little tip: check the wind direction before traveling ...

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    • 26 août 2017

  • JR56

    Wedel is located at the gates of Hamburg and has a direct S-Bahn connection to the Hanseatic city. The maritime medium-sized town not only impresses with its lively cultural life, but also with two fine sandy Elbe beaches for building castles, the world-famous ship welcoming facility and one of the largest marinas in Europe. The natural surroundings of the around 32,000 people who live here could hardly be more diverse.

    The local Wedeler Au regional park, in which Wedel is also located, stretches across borders from the Haseldorfer Marsch to the west of Hamburg and offers a fascinating variety of unique landscapes. Marsh landscapes can be found here as well as moors, inland dunes, heaths, forests and meadows. The famous Carl Zeiss bird station is also a popular destination in the Wedeler Au regional park.

    The Elbmarschenhaus is the central point of contact in the picturesque Haseldorfer Elbmarsch and functions equally as a tourist information office and venue for special exhibitions by regional artists as well as a permanent exhibition on the natural and habitat of the Elbmarschen.


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    • 24 juin 2020

  • Peter

    Best with tailwind, otherwise it is really exhausting.

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    • 16 mai 2019

  • Saprapolhec

    Note the opening times of the barriers in advance for trips to Pinnau, the diversions are quite long.

    At the moment (May 2017) the pin lock is blocked.

    Check the opening times of the flood barriers before heading out, the detours to get across the channels are very long.

    Currently (May, 2017) the Pinnasperrwerk is closed at all times.

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    • 16 mai 2017

  • Peter

    The path is used by the sheep, in places a bit much feces ...

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    • 16 mai 2019

  • Elbsolar

    Very well maintained bike path.

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    • 13 juillet 2017

  • Steven V.

    Very many sheep, not only on the grass but also on the bike path 🤪

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    • 4 juin 2018

  • Personaemotiva

    To cycle on the bike path very well

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    • 6 août 2018

  • Jknord

    always on the dike long

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    • 19 mai 2019

  • BærkoHeibel

    On the dike near Deekenhörn

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    • 28 juillet 2019

  • Christiane

    Water Park

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    • 2 juin 2021

  • JR56

    Haseldorf was first mentioned in 1190 by the Ritter de Haselthorpe. In the small town in the middle of the Elbmarschen you will find one of the most beautiful churches in Schleswig-Holstein: the St. Gabrielkirche. This is in the western part of the castle park, which is bordered by an old dike loop. The enchanted park with its ponds and a large variety of old tree species from many different countries is freely accessible. A lime tree avenue surrounded by orchards leads to the manor house, which was built in 1804 by the Danish master builder Hansen and is inhabited by the Carolath prince family. The exhibition in the house as well as on the outdoor area offers not only visual material for young and old, but also many varied opportunities to playfully discover and understand the natural and cultural landscape of the marshes. Also worth seeing is the 2 hectare orchard managed by the Elbmarschenhaus at Haseldorfer Hafen. A total of 180 different old types of fruit, especially from this region, were grown here, such as the "Schönes aus Haseldorf", "Seestermüher Zitronenapfel" or "Ananas Renette". These can not only be admired but also tasted at harvest time. The orchard is freely accessible at all times.

    Another special feature of the Haseldorfer Marsch can be seen in the Bandreißerkate from 1764. Here the old handicraft of band tearing, the production of barrel hoops from willow wood, is demonstrated. In addition, the Bandreißerkate offers an excellent atmosphere for cultural events such as concerts or readings.


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    • 24 juin 2020

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Position:Hetlingen, Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Allemagne


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  • Montée10 m
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Haseldorfer Marsch