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  • paul SUEW

    Also visit the sky view a bit southwest

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    • 26 février 2015

  • Fynn Luca

    Experience a huge climbing rock for adventure !!!

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    • 2 novembre 2016

  • Ralf C.

    Also the DIANA-PICTURE is very close.

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    • 5 mai 2017

  • Tzi

    Spectacular rock formations. With a great play of light. A visit in the evening will be rewarded with an intense play of colors.

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    • 22 mai 2017

  • Ralf C.

    Definitely after Roppeviller to France to the restaurant Café Lorrain.

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    • 5 mai 2017

  • Wodi

    Very nice Bundsandstein rock formations. Nearby there is also a nice resting place on a plateau. From here you have a great view! 👌

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    • 26 août 2018

  • Fynn Luca

    Climbing paradise for big and small children!

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    • 21 janvier 2019

  • Jo

    Very typical rock group from Buntsandstein. It pays to choose different perspectives depending on the incidence of light. There are some spectacular views.

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    • 28 septembre 2018

  • Biitii 105

    The Eppenbrunner Altschlossfelsen include two massive and four free-standing towers: Jean tower, Ottoturm, Eppenbrunner & Wilhelm tower.
    The maximum height of the rocks is 25 meters.

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    • 2 mars 2019

  • Rainer Schmidt

    The rock glow on Altschlossfelsen is no longer a secret, but I still think it's impressive. Madness, how big the rocks are; the tour around the rocks is really worth it. Partially closed in the spring due to breeding peregrine falcons.

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    • 3 mars 2019

  • Rika123

    - Impressive natural / cultural monument near Eppenbrunn (Rhineland-Palatinate), in the Palatinate Forest, on the French border
    - If you do not love a "hike through the peoples", you should choose the "right time" for this exploration, you may / may be heavily frequented during holiday periods or when the weather is great!
    - but definitely worth a hike!

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    • 6 juin 2020

  • Thomas Germann

    Beautiful sandstone rock and good to walk

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    • 20 avril 2018

  • Salt Lake Schlichi

    Impressive rock formation and great hiking route through the forest

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    • 26 septembre 2018

  • Peter + 👩🐕

    Breathtaking !!! For children ideal for hiding and climbing

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    • 10 juin 2019

  • Ralf

    The hiking trail around the Altschloßfelsen is simply wonderful. It is an advantage to have a few hiking poles ready.

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    • 23 janvier 2020

  • Nordhesse

    The Altschlossfelsen are included in the two premium trails "Altschloßpfad" and "Grenzweg". Both are approx. 10 or 11 km long hiking trails that run around the rocks (left and right). An approx. 1.5 km long sandstone formation with varied color compositions that ensure an extraordinary hiking experience. For accustomed hikers, easy and problem-free in every respect ;-)

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    • 27 avril 2020

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Position:Eppenbrunn, Südwestpfalz, forêt du Palatinat, Rhénanie-Palatinat, Allemagne


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