Flugplatz Wasserkuppe

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  • Sascha

    Here you can watch small planes take off and land.

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    • 23 mai 2017

  • Gecko 🦎

    There is a lot to see. Regardless if Wasserkuppe, Sommerrodeln, climbing, or flying everything

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    • 30 septembre 2017

  • Stefan ⛰

    Sit inside or outside at a table, drink coffee, eat cake and watch the planes.

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    • 16 décembre 2018

  • Stefan ⛰

    We buy next door in the store again and again postcards. There is rarely such a good selection of beautiful postcards.

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    • 20 décembre 2018

  • Annette

    There is always a lot going on here. Unfortunately, the flight noise during the hiking tours is not always nice.

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    • 27 juillet 2019

  • Carmen

    Glider Airport and School and Museum. You can watch gliders and also fly yourself.

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    • 6 juillet 2018

  • Alexander Theiß

    Gliding Mecca. Like in the dovecote!

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    • 8 août 2018

  • Timo

    Here you will learn a lot of interesting facts about gliding. Of course, many old glider pilots are exhibited here

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    • 14 avril 2019

  • Balli

    The hotel has a self-service restaurant open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm. The charm of the 1920s, the hotel exudes the spray already. A dream!

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    • 19 décembre 2018

  • martin_ffm

    Inexpensive snack food, e.g. Currywurst Pommes 5,50 € (as of January 2019) Here the link: deutscher-flieger.de

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    • 15 janvier 2019

  • BAMA

    The airfield is located on the northern slope of 950.2 meters above sea level high Wasserkuppe about five kilometers north of Gersfeld. Poppenhausen is located about five kilometers west-southwest and Wüstensachsen (main town of Ehrenberg) about five kilometers east. The airfield itself is located at 902 m above sea level. NN and is the highest of the approximately 400 airfields in Germany. It is classified as a special landing site and, with up to 18,000 aircraft movements a year, is one of the busiest special landing sites in Germany. (... from Wiki)

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    • 25 août 2019

  • Alexander Theiß

    Super locality. Like in the dovecote ;-)

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    • 26 août 2019

  • Jens

    The airport on the Wasserkuppe is at the place where glider flying is said to have been "invented". Already in 1911, gliding pioneers started their first flight tests with gliders on tree-free Wasserkuppe in the Hessian Rhön. Over time, the site became a popular airport for gliders and small motor planes.

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    • 25 janvier 2020

  • Bergmoerder

    Airfield on the Wasserkuppe

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    • 3 juin 2018

  • Wolff on Tour

    Watching the gliders with a coffee ... mega relaxing.

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    • 3 octobre 2019

  • Wolff on Tour

    The German Glider Museum with model flight was built on the Hessian Wasserkuppe in 1987 and expanded in 2006. With around 4000 m² of exhibition space, it is the largest museum of its kind. The museum operates its own workshop in the basement of the museum, in which aircraft are restored for the exhibition.

    In the museum located on the highest mountain in the Rhön, the history, including the flight pioneers, and the development of gliding are shown, from the simple Lilienthal glider to the modern plastic glider. In the area of model flight, which has a long tradition on the Wasserkuppe, numerous exhibits are also on display.

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    • 1 décembre 2019

  • Timo

    This is where gliding was invented, making it an important historical place where sightseeing flights are still made today.

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    • 14 septembre 2020

  • FelixX

    With around 18,000 flight movements p.a. actually always 'Äktschn' required ... just not in winter.

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    • 10 novembre 2020

  • Tobias

    A great sight to literally look over the shoulders of the aircraft when taking off and landing.

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    • 12 juin 2020

  • Fuerstfanta

    Interesting museum, also good for bridging when the weather is bad

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    • 4 août 2020

  • Alex

    There's always something to see here ...

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    • 10 septembre 2020

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