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  • JR56

    Stade - Old city balance at the fish marketIn the mid-70s of the last century, the city council of Stade considered adding the historic port of Hanse and instead creating a parking space there. Also should be demolished also the former Stadtwaage at the Hansehafen. The decision fortunately fell against the demolition of the half-timbered building from 1753, which had replaced the previous building and served as a customs house in the 19th century. It has been renovated and since then used as a residential and commercial building.The old city balance was still on the Geest hill east of the horse market in the 13th century. It was not moved to the fish market until the 14th century. Already on a picture from the year 1598 (cityscape) the city balance can be seen next to the wooden crane on the fish market. The present building dates from 1753. The goods delivered to Hansehafen were first weighed, assessed and then cleared in the building. Only then could they be delivered to the recipient. On the upper floor of the building was a large ballroom with a stucco ceiling, which was equipped for social events of the citizenship. Libra operation in this building was discontinued in 1853. A year later, the Royal Customs Office moved here, which called itself from 1871 Imperial Customs Office. In 1904, the customs office moved out and the upper floor of the building was divided into housing units. Shops were set up on the ground floor. Private investors rehabilitated the building in 1977 after the sale of the old Libra by the city.Today, there is a wine shop on the ground floor, while apartments are located on the upper floor and in the attic, which has been converted today.nefershapiland.de/stade.htm

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    • 1 juillet 2019

  • Nancy 😗 🥾🚶‍♀️⛰ 🚴‍♀️

    Stade is a city that can be explored very well by bike.

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    • 29 juin 2020

  • Jknord

    The city scales were moved to the fish market in the 14th century. The building was erected in 1753. The goods that landed in the port were weighed, assessed and customs cleared here. In 1853 the scale operation was stopped. The customs office used the building until 1904.

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    • 14 septembre 2020

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