Fliegerdenkmal Wasserkuppe

Fliegerdenkmal Wasserkuppe

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  • Nicole 🥾

    The aviator memorial in the Rhön was erected in 1923 and commemorates the field pilots who died in the First World War.

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    • 27 août 2020

  • Thomas

    Great views. Gleitflieger, Modellflieger, Einkehr

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    • 26 juin 2016

  • Sara

    Highlight of the Rhön

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 8 juillet 2017

  • Kai

    Monument to the plane killed in World War I. Is used by children like climbing rocks.

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    • 20 octobre 2017

  • Sascha

    The Fliegerdenkmal can be easily reached via a few paths

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    • 23 mai 2017

  • Nicolay

    From the Fliegerdenkmal you have a magnificent view, the climb is worthwhile.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 21 mars 2017

  • Xray2307

    The aviation monument below the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön was built in 1923 and is reminiscent of the fallen in the First World War pilot.

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    • 15 février 2018

  • Thomas

    Small climbing exercise for children :-)

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 25 mai 2018

  • Jake the hiker

    Very impressive monument

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 28 avril 2020

  • Bergmoerder

    The aviation monument on the Wasserkuppe

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 3 juin 2018

  • Silke und Asti

    On the Wasserkuppe you have a very good view over the Rhön. History is written on the Wasserkuppe and there is also a gliding school there.

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    • 17 avril 2019

  • Wolff on Tour

    Nice monument

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 3 octobre 2019

  • Balli

    On the mountain of the plane stands the monument erected in 1923. It is reminiscent of the fallen in World War I pilots.
    This is the inscription on the monument.

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    • 20 décembre 2018

  • Markus Martin

    Great look! Nice monument. Worth a trip!!

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 19 avril 2019

  • Timo

    The absolute must at the Wasserkuppe!

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 5 mai 2019

  • Martina

    It was built in 1923 in memory of the fallen pilots of the First World War (1914-1918), on the initiative of an association of former front-line aviation associations. According to estimates by the Fuldaer Zeitung reporter, 100,000 people attended the inauguration on August 30, 1923.

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    • 6 avril 2021

  • Berni 🚵🏻‍♂️

    The aviator memorial on the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön was erected in 1923 and commemorates the pilots who died in the First World War

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    • 6 avril 2021

  • Stefan

    One of the highlights on the Wasserkuppe. Can be reached without much effort on the circular route around the mountain.

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    • 28 août 2020

  • Alex

    You just have to make the detour ...

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 10 septembre 2020

  • Leo Sausemaus

    You should definitely take a look when you are already up on the Wasserkuppe ... you can even "climb" a bit (be careful, of course) and take nice photos

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    • 16 septembre 2020

  • FelixX

    An impressive photo motif with a view of Fulda.

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    • 10 novembre 2020

  • Outdoor_Dad_2.0

    from a distance you can already see the Wasserkuppe through the Raddom.

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    • 2 juin 2020

  • TriMage

    The flying memorial is located just below the summit on the edge of a meadow and invites you to look at it and (especially for the children) to climb. From here you have a great view and a wonderful distant view of the region.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 10 juin 2020

  • Tobias

    Nice view after the ascent from the gentian hut.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 28 juillet 2020

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Fliegerdenkmal Wasserkuppe