Naturpfad Weißer Main

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  • Sylvia

    Wonderful, natural way directly on the White Main. Moss-grown rocks, lively rippling, crystal-clear water ... you can really dream when hiking. Which is not so cheap, because the way but requires a lot of attention.

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    • 8 novembre 2015

  • Wanderhippo

    Natural trail, mostly directly along the White Main

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    • 25 mai 2015

  • Biene

    A wonderful, narrow path with always new views of nature and water. It is recommended to wear sturdy shoes, because you are constantly walking on and over roots and boulders.

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    • 30 juillet 2017

  • Tobias

    The nature trail is really worth a visit. Start of Bischofsgrün or Karches.

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    • 9 août 2015

  • Wolly

    The Nature Trail White Main is ideal for children. But you should be sure-footed and with sturdy shoes on the way.

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    • 17 août 2018

  • Harald Schramm (Schocker)

    The White Main, also called Weißmain (not to be confused with the Weismain), is the water rich and shorter of the two source rivers of the Main. It rises in the Fichtelgebirge and flows at Steinenhausen, on the western outskirts of Kulmbach, with its left, southern source river Roter Main to the Main together.

    Source and more informationßer_Main

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    • 23 janvier 2019

  • Harald Schramm (Schocker)

    This path is also a pleasure in winter.

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    • 9 juin 2019

  • Gerhard

    The jetty was renewed in the summer of 2018!

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    • 6 août 2018

  • Witwe Bolte

    This is a duplicate to "White Main Trail"
    Note from me: Snedr often quite deliberately creates duplicates for personal point collecting; but here at Ochsenkopf you will find quite a few. I think that, to say the least, a mess. Komoot gets more and more ridiculous and makes it difficult for outsiders to plan the route.
    Please do not rate such HL positive.

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    • 30 septembre 2018

  • Witwe Bolte

    Incredibly beautiful stretch along the young Weißmain along, some would say "romantic".
    But respect, do not underestimate; this path with virtually no incline is very difficult to walk because of the extreme root system along its length of 2 km.

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    • 30 septembre 2018

  • ihikenature🏔

    Invites you to let go, dream and enjoy. An indescribably peaceful place

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    • 28 décembre 2018

  • Ben

    Very old map on the nature trail Weißmaintal over catchment areas of the main rivers Elbe, Rhine and Danube

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    • 9 janvier 2019

  • Tanja

    Beautiful root path. No matter what the season. Always worth a hike.

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    • 18 août 2019

  • ghaessler

    To be recommended only in drought, as the very many roots in wet conditions are very likely slippery.

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    • 24 août 2019

  • Ostzone

    Beautiful idyllic root path along the White Main.

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    • 28 août 2019

  • 🚵🌲Christian👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    Great that there is still the way. Am the road as a teen mitm MTB often and gladly driven. It's time to bang him off again. For 2020 Pre-generative!

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    • 10 novembre 2019

  • Katja🚶‍♀️on Tour👣

    Beautiful climb along the White Main, enjoy silence, discover nature

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    • 7 juin 2020

  • Katja🚶‍♀️on Tour👣

    Experience nature, murmur water, enjoy silence, switch off - you absolutely have to include the path in your tour

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    • 7 juin 2020

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Position:Neubauer Forst Nord, Bayreuth, Suisse romande, Haute-Franconie, Bavière, Allemagne


  • Distance1,75 km
  • Montée10 m
  • Descente80 m

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