Fähre Caputh

Fähre Caputh

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  • Berlin2007

    The old cable ferry is always a highlight on every bike tour - it's only a short ride, but it's great!

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    • 10 septembre 2018

  • Markus

    Ferry times:
    April to November 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    0.50 euros per person, with a bike 1.00 euros. You can find more details here faehre-caputh.de/index.php/de.

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    • 20 mai 2016

  • das Hase

    RatzFatz - for a small thaler over the water .... ;-)

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    • 1 avril 2017

  • Der Heidjer Radler

    The ferry Caputh
    The ferry Tussy II takes over since 1998, the ferry service since 1853 on the Caputher Gemünde existing ferry service. It is colloquially called simply ferry Caputh. As Caputher Gemünde is a section of the Potsdam Havel between the villages Caputh and Geltow, which are today districts of the Brandenburg community Schwielowsee designated.
    The Havel flows through its numerous lakes and forms bays again and again. This is especially true on the section between Berlin and Brandenburg an der Havel. For example, in the area of ​​today's Schwielowsee, it forms the waters of Templiner See and Schwielowsee. A narrow point of the Havel of about 50 m, however, is located on the Gemünde, a short link between these two lakes. Until the construction of the Sacrow-Paretzer Canal (1875), all ships between Berlin and Brandenburg had to overcome this bottleneck, so that there was a pilot there until 1880. While the navigation on the Havel benefited from the lake-like nature of the river, .......
    More info Wikipedia

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    • 7 juin 2016

  • Lorenz

    Take a short break to breathe and just enjoy the surroundings

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    • 22 août 2017

  • Weze

    Somehow has flair. Reminds me of tours on Lake Constance

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 26 septembre 2017

  • Jule

    Here you can quietly wait for the ferry on the shore or simply stop off at the pier. In summer, however, places by the water are rare.

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    • 3 octobre 2017

  • Ulrich

    Nice restaurants around the ferry

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 28 juillet 2018

  • Kerstin

    Restaurant. Eat good. Right on the ferry.

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    • 20 août 2018

  • bikeman

    Experience a cable ferry in operation

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    • 2 septembre 2018

  • Karsten S.

    Cheap connection between Caputh and Geltow, 1 € for cyclists

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    • 23 avril 2019

  • Stephanie

    For 1, - € Inkl Bike enjoy a short break

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 17 avril 2019

  • Al73

    A real technical gem. The board crew is always hard but warm.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 19 juillet 2019

  • Pegasus🌸

    Forsthaus Templin is as always a great destination.
    The farmer's breakfast perfect and the Märzen a firecracker.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 7 avril 2018

  • Ulrich

    A ferry ride is always a highlight.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 25 juillet 2018

  • Cetina 🌈 🚵🏻 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🥾

    Great thing when you are here

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    • 4 août 2019

  • soverkamp

    Here you are treated as a cyclist preferred!

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    • 25 août 2019

  • Elfriede

    The sunlit wooden terrace is located above the water next to the ferry. The food is excellent, the waiters very friendly. Already Albert Einstein came here regularly.

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    • 13 octobre 2018

  • Beelitz-Biker

    Great cappuccino and delicious cake. Best time is around 10:00.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 22 mars 2019

  • 🇨🇿 Klínovec 🇨🇿

    2019: costs 2 cyclists (with bicycle) - one way

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    • 25 mai 2019

  • blackcharly

    Here is the current link to the page

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    • 25 novembre 2019

  • Elfriede

    First-class excursion restaurant on a sunny afternoon.
    On the terrace you sit, as if on a boat, directly on the water.

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    • 13 octobre 2018

  • 🇨🇿 Klínovec 🇨🇿

    Cost for 2 people with bicycle.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 16 juin 2019

  • Brausepaul

    Very nice ice cream parlor on the spot.

    Traduit avecTexte d'origine
    • 17 juillet 2019

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