Weitblick auf die Plassenburg

Weitblick auf die Plassenburg

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  • Stephan

    Beautifully situated on the tree species path on the Rehberg, this bench offers an excellent view over the Wolfskehle to the Plassenburg.

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    • 3 mai 2020

  • LarsWars

    One of my favorite places to see the Plassenburg, here is a bank to stay a little!

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    • 28 août 2019

  • Wastl

    A great view of the Plassenburg and on the other side into the Rotmaintal.

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    • 23 février 2020

  • Wieland Neuner

    There is a parking lot for hikers below the pavilionThe nature trail on Rehberg is an experience for all the senses!
    The Rehberg has always been one of the most beautiful local recreation areas in Kulmbach. The newly designed nature trail in particular brings children, adults and seniors closer to nature in a playful way.
    The path extends over 4 kilometers and offers a total of 21 different interactive stations. The walking time is about 2 hours. Test your knowledge of the local flora and fauna with nature puzzles, compete with the forest animals in the long jump or explore barefoot the different properties of the forest floor ... "Participate" is the motto and should keep young and old explorers aware of the special features open to nature. You will also find many historical facts and completely new insights into the city of Kulmbach at the stations.The following stations can be explored: Beginning at the Rehberg Pavilion
    General information
    Tree species path
    Geology / historical
    Cannon positions
    Connection to Steinernes Gässchen
    Rejuvenation of the forest
    The tree as habitat - who lives where?
    Glider station
    Forest conversion
    Black pool / wetland
    Forest animals
    Jump pit - how far do our forest animals jump?
    Barefoot path
    Deer tower
    Mushrooms of the forest
    Brush pile
    Explore the beauty of nature on the nature trail on the Rehberg!

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    • 17 février 2021

  • SandraS

    Beautiful view of Kulmbach and the Plassenburg. From this side, you can see the Plassenburg not so often, worthwhile.

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    • 6 mai 2018

  • 🚵🌲Christian👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    Everything is said. Very great view.

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    • 17 mai 2020

  • Wastl

    A good starting point for hikes around the Rehberg. Tip: From the Rehberg the nature trail to Tennach and then over the Buchwald to Plassenburg.

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    • 21 février 2021

  • Wastl

    I can only agree, from here you can enjoy the view of the Plassenburg all year round

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    • 28 février 2021

  • Wastl

    With a great view of the whole city and the landscape that surrounds it. I find this view on the nicer side of the castle.

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    • 7 mars 2021

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Weitblick auf die Plassenburg