Benz Kirche

Benz Kirche

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  • charles

    The church Benz (also: St. Peter's Church) is a 15th-century church building in the community Benz in Western Pomerania.
    Benz is located in the immediate vicinity of the Schmollensee amidst a beautiful hilly landscape - often referred to as Usedom Switzerland.
    Benz became internationally famous through the painter and Bauhaus master Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956). He stayed in the years 1908 - 1918 several times on the island of Usedom and lived u. a. in benz and neppermine.

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    • 12 décembre 2016

  • Enrique

    The church became known nationwide through the Benz Church Summer, initiated by Pastor Martin Bartels in 1968, during which numerous concerts, lectures and readings take place in the church every year. Not least because of the appearances of songwriters critical of the regime from the GDR and guests from West Germany, the church summer developed into a gathering place for the GDR opposition, especially in the 1980s. The artists who performed in Benz during the church summer include: a. Barbara Thalheim, Wolf Biermann, Christa Wolf, Hans Werner Richter, Konstantin Wecker and Dieter Hildebrandt.

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    • 14 août 2020

  • Dieter

    Should you go there!

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    • 24 mai 2019

  • Webby

    The small village church in Benz has achieved national recognition in recent history and certainly contributed a small part to the turnaround.
    Unfortunately, many photos are posted at this highlight that have nothing to do with the church, but only nearby, e.g. B. at the old fire station.

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    • 19 septembre 2020

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Benz Kirche