Radbahn Münsterland

Radbahn Münsterland

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  • Ralph

    Also very nice for a transit. The track is easy to drive on the road bike.

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    • 30 juillet 2018

  • Matthias

    It rolls perfectly on the asphalt.

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    • 5 août 2018

  • Dirk

    Very nice route with smooth asphalt.
    In between there are nice locations and the former barrier houses are very nicely designed

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    • 20 avril 2020

  • Michael

    The RadBahn Münsterland is completed from Rheine (Staelskottenweg) to Billerbeck-Lutum as Bahntrassenradweg. It was officially opened on 5 May 2013 at the new generation park Darfeld, the old Darfelder station, with a big party. The first construction phase to Steinfurt was already on 9 August 2009 in the station St. Arnold (formerly Neuenkirchen country), the second, since autumn 2011 passable section to Horstmar on April 25, 2012 was opened. The third construction phase to Lutum was officially released on 21 September 2012. Since 20 December 2012, the section from Rheine-Hauenhorst to the Staelskottenweg in Rheine is passable, the path leads across the grounds of the former railway depot Rheine. Thus, the cycle path can now be used to Rheine without detours. From Lutum the railway line is still in operation. Therefore, the existing cycle path network for the continuation of the Radbahn Münsterland is used to Coesfeld.

    The length specification of 39.4 km refers to the upgraded line between the still-traveled rail lines Münster - Coesfeld and Münster - Rheine. For the entire route Coesfeld - Rheine, as it is marketed today, about 8 km from Coesfeld to Lutum and about 4 km from Hauenhorst to Rheine be added. The information under radbahn-muensterland.de are accordingly wrong.

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    • 7 juillet 2015

  • Der 100 % Radler

    A very nice 48 km bike course between the endpoints Rheine and Coesfeld in the middle of nature.

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    • 5 mai 2019

  • Touring Olli

    pleasant route, restorations along the way

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    • 27 août 2019

  • Erwin G.

    great bike path on the old railway lines. With a lot of love made break hut.
    Cafe in Metelen? ? ?
    It was a very nice tour.

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    • 2 juin 2019

  • Europaradler

    A super route, well developed.

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    • 5 septembre 2019

  • Up de Fietse

    The cut at Horstmar with its striking arched bridge is an impressive section of the cycle path and connects to the former station grounds in a westerly direction.

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    • 4 juin 2017

  • Europaradler

    Great route, well developed.

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    • 8 juin 2020

  • Maik P.

    Very good bike path. There are enough benches, tables and covered places. Coffee and cake are also available on the route. Great

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    • 14 juin 2020

  • Lars M.

    Top track super surface great area around it and u invites to heat

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    • 14 septembre 2019

  • heder

    Railway line that also allows beautiful insights into nature

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    • 11 septembre 2020

  • Claus-Michael Schilderoth

    Nice route, very good asphalt

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    • 21 septembre 2020

  • Martin Donat

    Great! At least a dream in uncomfortable October weather. Hardly any people, a dead straight, car-free asphalt surface and then also a tail wind! I rode the whole cycle track and especially thought the first part was really nice. Towards the end it got a bit monotonous and all the "intersections" with many mini-streets were a bit annoying. Here you could have declared the cycle track to be a priority road;)

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    • 18 octobre 2020


    Fascinating bicycle route. I liked that very much.

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    • 11 septembre 2019

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Position:Laer, Steinfurt, Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie, Allemagne


  • Distance1,66 km
  • Montée10 m
  • Descente20 m

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Radbahn Münsterland