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  • Scout Jens

    Until 1875 the main traffic over the Pfinztal went through the "Staig" - today Staigstraße.

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    • 3 août 2019

  • 1Marianne-Fritz PWV On Tour

    Nice old bridge, built in 1706. All the wagons towards Pfinz had to cross this bridge. During the Second World War the bridge was to be blown up before the Allies, luckily this was prevented by a successful intervention by Pastor Fuchs and teacher Mössinger.

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    • 1 février 2020

  • Andi

    Via the Staigbrücke in Grötzingen, Staigstrasse crosses Kirchstrasse.
    The bridge and the associated Staigstrasse is an early form of bypass and was originally intended for rapid troop movements. Through them, the traffic in the Pfinztal above the church in the center of the village was diverted. The function is now taken over by the Grötzinger Tunnel.
    Explanation at the bridge: “Until 1875 all traffic in the Pfinztal was via the Staig. The bridge was built by Margrave Ludwig at the request of Margravine Augusta in 1706. "

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    • 29 janvier 2021

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