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Manchmal werde ich gefragt, warum ich mich Nieres nenne. Dann erzähle ich etwas aus meiner Kindheit: Als ich mit sechs Jahren eingeschult wurde war die Sprache "Hochdeutsch" für mich eine Fremdsprache die ich neu erlernen mußte. Meine Muttersprache war "Kohlscheider Platt". Unsere Vornamen waren Dures (Theodor), Mattes (Mathias), Wickes (Willi). Mein Name war Nieres , was auf Hochdeutsch Werner heißt. Diesen Namen habe ich bei der Einschulung zum ersten mal gehört.


769 km

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193:56 h

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  1. Nieres a planifié une randonnée.

    2 jours environ

    11,7 km
    3,8 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
    ThomasBe aime ceci.
    1. Nieres

      Anyone who has already done the Herzogenrather Broichbachtal hike and is curious what it looks like in the rest of the valley should do this hike once. I promise you it's worth it. Unfortunately I can't show you any pictures, I don't have any more.
      Danger !!! Due to Corona, diversions could occur in the Alsdorf zoo area.

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      • 2 jours environ

  2. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    7 jours environ

    1. Nieres

      Friday is the only day of this week that should be without rain. Since we were fed up with the rain, we got on our socks and visited the Teverener Heide. Unfortunately, spring hadn't really arrived here yet, but the many lakes and the bright green of the first attempts of the leaves to sprout, and above all the sometimes wonderful weather, made it a really nice hike.
      Today we have also seen how fast things can go with nature, near the start there are 3 big trees, around the roots only grass. When we got there again at the end there was a lot of blooming dandelions. (See 2 labeled pictures)
      Another description of the geographic location of the heath; The Teverener Heide belongs to Geilenkirchen and has one entrance each in Grotenrath / Geilenkirchen, Scherpenseel / Übach Palenberg and Hohenbusch / Gangelt.

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      • 7 jours environ

  3. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    4 avril 2021

    7,54 km
    3,9 km/h
    20 m
    20 m
    Udo von der Kaiserpfalz, Birgit Derksen et 24 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Nieres

      This is a nice little forest hike without any spectacular features, but very relaxing with a high recreational value. For the most part, it's very lonely.
      At the start, however, there was a lot of activity, but it broke up after about 500 m. Until shortly before the goal we saw 2 hikers and 3 bikers. The rest, except for the twittering of birds, was a wonderful calm.

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      • 4 avril 2021

  4. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    1 avril 2021

    10,7 km
    3,6 km/h
    120 m
    120 m
    1. Nieres

      Lately I've done several advertisements for the Perlbach and Fuhrtsbach valleys because of the daffodils. Here is the not entirely successful proof. We got there a little earlyThis is a shortened section of the Narcissus Route, a partner route of the Eifelsteig with start / finish at the Höfener Mühle, also called Perlbachmühle. The whole route begins in Höfen at the info (National Park Gate) with information on how to behave due to Corona is available at:
      or at Eifelyety
      We started the tour clockwise through the Fuhrtsbach valley. The path was about 4.5 km long, partly steeply uphill, for a long time within sight of the Fuhrtsbbach. The landscape wasn't bad, we even liked it, but the salt in the soup was missing, the daffodils. After about 4 km, isolated or small groups appeared every now and then, which got bigger and bigger towards the Perlbach. In the Perlbachtal the yellow splendor was huge and we were able to finish the hike with satisfaction. As we learned later, the main narcissus season should not be until mid-April, but that also depends on the weather.

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      • 1 avril 2021

  5. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    27 mars 2021

    2,71 km
    3,1 km/h
    30 m
    30 m
    Cherano, Ria Van Den Heuvel et 7 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Cherano

      Very nice pictures 🙂

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      • 28 mars 2021

  6. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    25 mars 2021

    7,97 km
    3,9 km/h
    30 m
    30 m
    Cherano, Rimo et 5 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Cherano

      You were busy today: very nice (103!) Photos. We were looking for the violets today, too early on the Schlangenberg. Then you probably know Alt-Kaster too. Also nice photo motifs.

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      • 26 mars 2021

  7. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    24 mars 2021

    5,21 km
    3,1 km/h
    50 m
    50 m
    Rimo, Ria Van Den Heuvel et 10 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Nieres

      We drove to the Porta car park. From there we walked through the city park into the city center to the Aseag headquarters. It went back to the car in a different way.

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      • 24 mars 2021

  8. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    20 mars 2021

    7,75 km
    3,1 km/h
    90 m
    80 m
    Ria Van Den Heuvel, Siggi et 18 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Nieres

      The search for spring was unfortunately not as successful as we had imagined. Spring has only come in very sparingly in the Eschweiler city forest. Only the sun and a bearable temperature gave us the feeling that spring was approaching. So the search for spring was not entirely in vain. We liked it.

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      • 20 mars 2021

  9. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    14 mars 2021

    2,37 km
    3,3 km/h
    10 m
    0 m
    Ria Van Den Heuvel, HP et 5 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Nieres

      Because we didn't have anything special to do today, we gladly accepted an invitation from friends to go on a geocashing adventure tour with them. Unfortunately, I still don't know what that is. The camera and the subjects were more important to me, and the main thing was fresh air. Without Corona we would have ended up in a beer garden in the end, but it was still fun.
      The tour was between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., the processing took place in the evening on the PC, which explains the time difference.

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      • 14 mars 2021

  10. Nieres a fait une randonnée.

    12 mars 2021

    Ria Van Den Heuvel, Birgit Derksen et 2 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Nieres

      We wanted to do a city tour in Stolberg in the afternoon and see some of the sights. We started in the parking lot at the Zinkhütter Hof and roamed the area, where we had a lot to marvel at. Over time, a few drops of rain fell, which we initially ignored. When the rain got stronger and stronger and slowly developed into a downpour, we fled into our car and drove home, we were not prepared for such a storm. What we have seen up to then, we have captured in photos.
      The paths drawn are not entirely correct because a large part of the paths (company premises) was not known on the maps. The route is self-explanatory.

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      • 12 mars 2021

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