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  1. Manfred Bargsten a fait une sortie à vélo.

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    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Start of the tour with closed cloud cover. On the railway via Horneburg to Neukloster under the protection of the Geest slope - protection from the strong SW.
      The Bullenbruch has a lot of water in the trenches and in the meadows.
      At Mojenhörn, the cycle path leads up to the crest of the dike. A view from up here to the south: a wonderful light strip of sky on the horizon under the closed cloud cover. Impressive - given.
      On the way to Stade near Wöhrden: a falcon shakes and stands in the air. He stays until the quick photo. Behind it a completely new silhouette of Stade: a light strip of sky behind the buildings that characterize the city and everything under the dark, closed cloud cover - again given presents.
      Stade Kaisereichen level crossing:
      The barriers are closed, a seemingly endless freight train on its way to Hamburg, the half barriers stay down! Across from me, a cyclist starts a slalom around the half barriers and over the tracks. Then an extremely loud horn! An S-Bahn is approaching the crossing from Hamburg. The cyclist leaves the track and a moment later the S-Bahn thunders past.
      Gifts - we all!

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      • 2 jours environ

  2. Nicole J., Nisse et 27 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A current article in the Stader Tageblatt and a good weather phase in the weather app - and the tour begins: to the necropolis, the city of the dead near Issendorf.
      In time the dark clouds disappear and the sun bathes the landscape in beautiful light.
      The tour is interesting. The tour is good (blue signs) and the information boards are very informative. Wavy geest and some single trails across a field require attention.
      The remaining stone graves are impressive. Many stones are missing - they were taken to build churches and roads.
      Thanks to the farmer who maintains these cultural sites and allows the public to enter his fields.
      Funny end to the tour: the pigs behind Gut Daudieck. They run freely on a large area. Children would stand there for a long time!

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      • 12 janvier 2021

    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The dikes are made strong with adhesive soils to withstand the floods. The Kleiboden is everywhere in Kehdingen. Fertile soil for agriculture. But also a good raw material for the brickworks that burn clinker from it - main customer: Hamburg!
      Inland, the bran soil merges into the Kehdinger moors with their drainage ditches and scattered agricultural farms.
      In Stade, a ridge rises with the Hohenwedel. Safe from floods - vital in historical times.
      A varied tour before the biathlon broadcast.
      Small surprises on the side of the tour were the deer, the geese and the lovingly designed small stalls.

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      • 9 janvier 2021

  3. Hermann, Dirk et 12 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Hermann

      at the Schietwedder, 👏🚴

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      • 7 janvier 2021

  4. Dirk, Valatar et 27 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The end-of-year trip leads over an undulating Geest with some challenging climbs, over small watercourses, past wooded areas and small towns.
      From Buxtehude it goes along the Geesthang: on the left the Geest (historically: cliff bank of the Elbe at high water) and on the right the flat, wide Alte Land with a distant view to Hamburg.
      Very varied tour.
      My highlight is the Beekhoff in Beckdorf. Even if no events take place here due to the corona, it is a place for a break. Children go on a voyage of discovery here - there is a lot to discover in the public outdoor area.

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      • 31 décembre 2020

  5. Dirk, Rolf et 23 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Drive through Tinster - and Horner Holz with much less traffic. The B 74 is free again.
      Instead, drinking cups that have been thrown away on the roadside, etc. on! One euro deposit per cup and the thing would be done (presumably).
      The newly renovated cycle path from Bremervörde to the Schwinge-Oste Canal runs wonderfully. The continuation to Elm has been very easy to drive on so far.
      Beautiful views of the Schwingetal and the eastern lowlands.
      A varied tour over the Geest. Unfortunately without some sun, which was announced in the weather app.
      The new battery has significantly more energy: alternating in the Eco / Tour modes, the first of 5 energy bars only disappeared after approx. 22/23 km.
      With the old battery this happens after about 15-17 km.
      A richer experience.

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      • 29 décembre 2020

  6. Karl-Heinz, Angelika Lorenz et 24 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Watch ships that come in on the flood wave - if you're lucky! Several photographers had already gathered at the pier.
      Two large container ships were calling. They "sailed" silently past the camp. A powerful impression.
      Wasserschutz Hamburg had moored at the Schwing estuary in a boat and happened to continue its inspection trip on the Elbe towards Hamburg when I was standing on the quay. You have to be lucky.
      Somehow the whole scene was framed by a dark wall of clouds that left a small light streak in the direction of Hamburg to the Elbe. Children's question: why doesn't it fall down?
      Sunset over the Schwingewiesen. Gaps in the clouds release some evening light.

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      • 28 décembre 2020

  7. Manfred Bargsten a fait une sortie à vélo.

    20 décembre 2020

    Dirk, Reinhild et 11 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The chance of a sunrise was small, but I took it.
      Fir trees with the last night lights on the Tidenkieker and the Greundieck.
      Large flocks of geese cross the harbor, probably looking for good feeding places.
      Impressive: on the way back the dark clouds say goodbye towards Hamburg and the sky begins to shine!
      I wish everyone a Merry and Merry Christmas. Take good care of you.

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      • 20 décembre 2020

  8. Karl-Heinz, Chen Ny et 12 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The afternoon sun conjures up beautiful plays of light on the paths.
      Rows of trees on the back of the geese look lifted.
      Many Hamburgers are looking for a new "nest" in the surrounding area - here in Hedendorf (S-Bahn> Neukloster)
      Far-reaching view in Hedendorf when approaching the B 73: the old country with the Geestrücken in Schleswig-Holstein on the northern side of the Elbe.
      A car transporter ship pushes mightily slowly on the Elbe towards Hamburg. The bright side of the ship glows in the sun. It picks up cars for export.
      A train drives past me at the same time: 2 locomotives with an innumerable number of wagons for car transport. It drives fully loaded to Cuxhaven - here the vehicles are loaded onto ships for export - the train comes back in the afternoon - every day! You can almost set the clock afterwards.
      In the Bullenbruch (moor) I am amazed at the synchronous movements of two swans - it's not a coincidence!
      A little further on, I discover the windmill in Twielenfleth in the background: it turns - and the new wind blades shine brilliantly white in the sun. And that in mid-December!

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      • 18 décembre 2020

  9. Bernd, Reinhild et 24 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The weather report for 2 - 4 pm: dry and some sun! Let's go.
      The withdrawal of the bad weather was impressive.
      The descent on the Geesthang in Agathenburg is impressive: beautiful distant views of the flat Alte Land.
      One or the other bright spot of light is waiting by the train.
      In Jork it is still too early for a nice evening atmosphere.
      The way on the Elbe: a lot of drifts from the last light flood.
      Be sure to drive up the dike on one of the crossings. I do this in Mojenhörn:
      Far-reaching view to the container cranes in Hamburg - by chance an airplane takes off over the Elbe - an oil / chemical tanker with its 124 m length is heading for the HH port - in the background a brightly shining wall of clouds over Schleswig-Holstein.
      At the Hollerner-Hinterdeich I hear the loud rustling of an open sluice - drainage of the plantations towards the Elbe.
      A ray of light at the Riensförde level crossing: a red light at the <level crossing and a START> train on the way from Bremervörde (washing facility) to Stade. That fit well.
      The Heidesiedlung excavation site is still bright enough for a photo. The area is not covered today. Very interesting.
      With the last light I reach Hagen - slightly rainy!

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      • 17 décembre 2020

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