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  1. Manfred Bargsten a fait une sortie à vélo.

    il y a 11 heures environ

    25,9 km
    17,1 km/h
    200 m
    200 m
    Rolf, Torsten et 9 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Grain fields ready for harvest, flower strips on the wayside, butterflies and insects, on the horizon a container ship destined for Hamburg, in front of it cherry trees in the harvest, beautiful half-timbered houses and fruit farms that invite you to visit.
      My highlight today: a spontaneous komoot contact on the go. A friendly hello to Buxtehude!

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      • il y a 7 heures environ

  2. Manfred Bargsten a fait une sortie à vélo.

    17 juillet 2021

    7,68 km
    15,2 km/h
    40 m
    50 m
    🅰️gavia, Karl-Heinz et 22 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Things are progressing slowly. The tricycle with the armchair has a great sitting position. Impeccable road holding and enormous maneuverability. 3 disc brakes provide security.
      From Hagen to the new building area "Heidesiedlung". In the past agriculture, today more than 1,000 people live here.
      Small tour in Hagen with the search for interesting motifs.

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      • 17 juillet 2021

  3. Manfred Bargsten a fait une randonnée.

    3 juillet 2021

    Angelika Lorenz, Reinhild et 22 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A round in the late afternoon. The sunlight turned soft. When I saw the first motif, I noticed that I hadn't really started the tour at all. That's how it is...
      Then there were interruptions again and again - the motifs wanted to be in the picture.
      I enjoyed the round.

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      • 3 juillet 2021

  4. Manfred Bargsten a fait une randonnée.

    2 juillet 2021

    Nicole J., FMali et 20 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Getting moving again, that's what it's all about. Therefore only a few photos.

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      • 2 juillet 2021

  5. Manfred Bargsten a fait une randonnée.

    13 juin 2021

    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A slow ascent leads up into the forest. No clear cuts! Magnificent beeches everywhere. The paths are dry and easy to walk on. Always a distant view. Special motifs keep appearing on the edge. I enjoyed it. The legs were stable. Very nice. The stay in the clinic is developing well. 😊

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      • 13 juin 2021

  6. Manfred Bargsten a fait une randonnée.

    8 juin 2021

    1,10 km
    5,9 km/h
    10 m
    10 m
    Dirk, Timo Burmester et 20 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A tour with the last evening light. The path goes up and down, the decision again and again: left or right. Colors and motifs are fun.
      That was the first day. 😊

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      • 8 juin 2021

  7. Gabi, Dirk et 32 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      Against the NW wind by train to Otterndorf. With the wind through the Kehdinger expanse! This vastness is an experience in itself.
      The changing landscape: demolition and abandonment on the one hand and new construction on the other.
      Variety through the waterways: Medem, Hadelner Canal and Neuhaus Bükauer Canal. Some of them have wonderful accompanying paths.
      Up and down, curve left, curve right - this is how it goes on the bypass south of the Wingst. A detour to the Balksee is worthwhile.
      To Lamstedt on the county road. About halfway along it goes parallel to the county road in the forest. Very nice!!
      Well-guided by signs, it soon goes down to the Oste lowlands: moors left and right, birch trees line the path. Magnificent view of the eastern landscape from Bullenberg.
      Short break at the Bremervörde lake and the small inland harbor for pleasure boats - unfortunately without the seal today.
      Through the Horner Holz and the Tinster Forest: I stop at the former fulling mill: a massive oak has overturned - in the right direction, away from the road. A very large root plate - and an equally large hole in the soft forest floor.
      I then reach my destination in Hagen via Mulsum and Fredenbeck.
      The highlight today was the tail wind - I wish you that too.
      I am now saying goodbye to komoot for a long time.
      My program consists of radiation therapy for 6 weeks and chemo for 2 weeks.
      My "weather report": tail wind! the cancer is very curable.

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      • 22 mars 2021

  8. Dirk, Torsten et 24 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      The Geest was dry - the Braken had many wet areas, almost like a moorland.
      In the process, a tree has lost its hold in the ground.
      The forest as a water reservoir - interesting.
      Light and cool wind from SW. Nevertheless, many families use the day for an excursion.
      Thought by the way: if the roads for car traffic were in the same condition as the bike paths, we would probably have an uprising .....

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      • 20 mars 2021

  9. Dirk, Gabriele et 29 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A single broken tree in the forest. I'll see that. Beetle larvae (from the bark beetle?!) Destroyed the tree from the inside. For no externally recognizable reason, it will eventually fall over! The tree could also fall on the path. The wind is very weak. Nobody expects that !!! That's why I'm taking these recordings - warning.But this tree also has a symbolic effect: there are many things that look strong and healthy from the outside. But is that also the case from the inside? There are political examples, but also financial ones, etc. I'm thinking of Wirecard ......
      This picture makes me think.

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      • 18 mars 2021

  10. Torsten, Gabi et 34 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Manfred Bargsten

      A violent change in weather accompanies this tour. Dark clouds move from Schleswig-Holstein over the Elbe and also bring rain.
      But then a ray of sunshine lights up a ship on the Elbe or the electricity pylons near Lühesand! Splendid.
      From Jork the paths are wet with rain. The rain has gone - joy!
      The dramatic change in weather acts like a staging. - Theater for the eyes - on a small as well as on a large scale.
      Almost in life ...

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      • 18 mars 2021

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