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Hi, ich bin Saskia. Nordpol-Expeditionsteilnehmerin und seitdem verliebt in alles, was mit Outdoor, Natur und Herausforderungen zu tun hat.Ich habe meinen eigentlichen Traumjob gekündigt und mache nun ein Jahr lang, worauf ich Lust habe. Draußen sein, Neues lernen und mich selbst herausfordern.Saskimo ist eine Wortneuschöpfung aus Saskia & Eskimo. Unter diesem Namen berichte ich von meinen Touren
- im Schwarzwald
- in den Alpen
- und wo es mich eben hinverschlägt.
Ich LIEBE Herausforderungen - physisch und mental. Sei es ein 250km Kanurennen in Michigan, eine 86km Wanderung um den Edersee, ein 3-Tages-Orientierungslauf oder wie zuletzt ein EVERESTing (8848 Höhenmeter Aufstieg) am Freiburger Hausberg Schauinsland. Wenn ihr ausführlicher von mir lesen möchtet, schaut gerne mal auf meinem Blog vorbei: saskimo.de
Ich freue mich!


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  1. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée en montagne.

    16 juillet 2021

    10,9 km
    2,3 km/h
    820 m
    840 m
    ☀️ Michael 🌅, B(at) et 111 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      The alarm rang at 3:35 a.m., breakfast at 4:00 a.m., and we left at 4:45 a.m. Phew, it's early. And all because the weather was only good for the mornings and we really wanted to do another tour.The climb was steep but nice. First through green alpine pastures, then over steep paths up the mountain and finally into the snow.Unfortunately, we had to turn around shortly before the summit. Too many clouds were gathering and the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms. The summit itself was in the middle of a cloud anyway and we probably wouldn't have seen anything up there.So we went back to Gavia Pass when it snowed and later when it rained.Although we didn't reach the summit because of the weather, the tour was still really nice!

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      • 16 juillet 2021

  2. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée.

    15 juillet 2021

    10,6 km
    3,4 km/h
    440 m
    430 m
    Burkhard, Adarsh et 119 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      We are still waiting for good weather to do another glacier tour, but unfortunately the weather is still fickle today. So we took a leisurely hike to the Refugio Pizzini to get out at least a little. Hopefully things will look better tomorrow!

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      • 15 juillet 2021

  3. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée en montagne.

    14 juillet 2021

    5,09 km
    2,9 km/h
    170 m
    190 m
    OutdoorGlück // Jenny, Nada et 126 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      Small crevasse rescue exercise that we learned yesterday "in the dry" ☺️ the glacier is really quite impressive!I am quite surprised and impressed what you can do with a rope, a few carabiners, ribbon slings and vine cords! Secure, abseil, pull up!The exercise was really fun, but I'm still happy when what I've learned never actually has to be used.

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      • 14 juillet 2021

  4. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée en montagne.

    12 juillet 2021

    10,8 km
    2,3 km/h
    1 160 m
    1 160 m
    Iris, Spirit Warrior et 136 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      In a nutshell: Great tour of the Palon de la Mare 😍From the Branca Hut, the first step is quite leisurely uphill along a moraine ridge. Fascinating views of the surrounding glaciers, especially the imposing Forni Glacier, will soon be offered.Our path soon leads steeply upwards and we turn into a side valley. After a few more hundred meters of altitude, the snow begins and with it the first exercise unit for walking on the rope.The snow slope ends and we stand on the glacier. Caution is advised here, because the crevices are hidden due to the unusually large amount of snow. Carefully we continue and after a while we reach the last steep climb to the summit. Here we leave the crampons behind and continue climbing over scree and rocks in the rope insurance.The view from the top is a dream! Fog rises from the valley, all the snow doesn't look like it did in mid-July. Crazy!On the way back we practice braking on steep terrain in case you slip and fall.A great tour and a great start to the week! Unfortunately the weather shouldn't stay so nice and rain and thunderstorms are announced. Well, we'll make the best of it!

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      • 12 juillet 2021

  5. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée en montagne.

    11 juillet 2021

    4,74 km
    3,7 km/h
    270 m
    220 m
    Ewa und Christof, Jochen et 97 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      A 3000 meter that you can "climb" on the drive through ☺️On the way to a one-week glacier course in the Ortler massif, this little stop at the Stilfser Joch was perfect to get in the mood for the next few days. The mountains here are really impressive!

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      • 12 juillet 2021

  6. Saskimo | Saskia et Flores ont fait une randonnée.

    6 juillet 2021

    122 km
    6,9 km/h
    8 780 m
    8 060 m
    Betty, Pam et 240 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      Dare to do another Everesting on the Schauinsland with friends. Brief conclusion: Much more difficult than last year. I don't know why ... First of all, catch up on some sleep. Report will follow later!PS: Unfortunately, the data of the recording does not match, neither the speed, nor the distance, nor the altitude. 12x corresponds to 8952 meters of altitude and about 84 kilometers.Update on 07/07/2021:
      After I slept and rested a little, I feel like the next challenge again ;-) During Everesting and immediately afterwards, the predominant thought was: “NEVER AGAIN! Why on earth am I doing that !? " - but somehow my head forgets these thoughts very quickly, my body recovers quickly and ideas for further challenges arise again.
      Sure, some might say: why do something like that? Why challenge the body so? And from a purely rational point of view, it makes little sense to run 12 times on the Schauinsland. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that it is good for each of us to occasionally push our physical and mental limits. To have that voice in your head that tells us: "Just stop here and now, why continue to torture you?" - and then fight against it and move on. This is the only way we can continue to develop by shifting the limits we have imagined up to now.These limits are different for each person. For some it may be a single ascent to the Schauinsland, for others it is four ascent, and still others may even manage 20 ascent. But no matter where the line is: to recognize, appreciate and then postpone it is a truly inspiring experience.A detailed article about this experience is available under this link on my blog: saskimo.de/8848-everesting-am-schauinsland

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      • 6 juillet 2021

  7. Saskimo | Saskia et 2 membres ont fait un Tour.

    20 juin 2021

    108 km
    9,7 km/h
    4 210 m
    4 180 m
    Hans-Joachim, markusSupertramp et 193 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      In a nutshell, because I'm completely exhausted: Our Freiburg 12erlei (all official trails in Freiburg ride twice) was perhaps the toughest challenge I've ever faced. I have really come to my limit, to ride an enduro bike over 4000 meters in altitude and then downhill again on technically demanding trails. Right now I'm just dog tired and I definitely don't want to do that again. Probably in three days I will think very differently about it 😉Addendum 2 days later: I'm fine, I haven't got any sore muscles and now think that it was a pretty cool thing! That's why I wrote a short blog article about what I learned from this challenge: saskimo.de/freiburg-12erlei

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      • 20 juin 2021

  8. Mount7 et 2 membres ont planifié une sortie à VTT.

    18 juin 2021

    109 km
    8,4 km/h
    4 220 m
    4 220 m
    markusSupertramp, Hans-Joachim et 6 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      Phew, pretty heavy 😳

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      • 18 juin 2021

  9. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée.

    11 juin 2021

    ☀️ Michael 🌅, Ewa und Christof et 232 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      In case you're all wondering why I've recently been out and about so much during the week: I've quit my job and now spend the summer outside as much as possible - hiking and cycling :) Experience the whole thing according to the motto | learn | I want to spend a lot of time outside and also teach myself some new things. I report on my tours, the challenges and new insights on my new blog, I like to stop by, I'm happy about everyone: saskimo.deBut now for today's hike: The high valley climb in Bernau.I have to say: I was and still am excited! The entire hiking trail is just gorgeous: mainly narrow paths, wonderful views over and over again, and the time of year in particular is perfect because so many flowers are in bloom!I made a detour up to the Herzogenhorn to enjoy even more views.On the way back, like yesterday, it started to pour like buckets. At first I was able to shelter under a tree, but at some point it trickled through. After a while I was so wet that it made no difference and I stepped into the pouring rain and jogged the last 4 kilometers back. I was soaking wet when I got to the car. But luckily it wasn't cold - and once you've come to terms with the rain and the wet, it's kind of pretty nice!I am completely blown away from this hike! The Hochtal Steig really deserves its name "connoisseur path"!

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      • 11 juin 2021

  10. Saskimo | Saskia a fait une randonnée.

    10 juin 2021

    10,5 km
    5,9 km/h
    730 m
    700 m
    ☀️ Michael 🌅, gisi et 137 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskimo | Saskia

      Maybe one or the other remembers my Everesting from last year. In one day, I ran up the Schauinsland 12 times with two friends. In total, that was over 8,848 meters in altitude. And because it was so much fun or was just terrific, we're doing it all over again this year! Not with the same two friends, but I was able to win three more friends 😊. So today we did a little training session 😁 The plan was actually to run up twice, but at some point it started to pour and we decided to run up only once. Still got soaking wet, but it was still a lot of fun!

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      • 10 juin 2021

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