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Komoot Community Managerin DACH WandernEgal ob wandern oder mountainbiken, Hauptsache draußen sein! Ich bin meistens im Schwarzwald unterwegs, gerne aber auch mal auf Wochenend-Trips in der Schweiz.Ich LIEBE Herausforderungen - physisch und mental. Sei es ein 250km Kanurennen in Michigan, eine 66km Wanderung um den Edersee, ein 3-Tages-Orientierungslauf oder wie zuletzt ein EVERESTing (8848 Höhenmeter Aufstieg) am Freiburger Hausberg Schauinsland. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie viel mehr der Körper schafft, als man ursprünglich für möglich gehalten hat. Diese Grenzen auszutesten, vielleicht auch zu verschieben, das ist meine große Leidenschaft!


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  1. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    2 jours environ

    7,30 km
    12,8 km/h
    370 m
    380 m
    WolfG *Freiburg, Bernadette et 18 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Our last little bike ride in Sweden before heading back to Germany. This small bike park on the Danish border has it all! There is exactly one hill, but there are so many trails built on it that you could easily have 1-2 days of fun here! For us it was just a short stopover to split up the long drive etwas

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      • un jour environ

  2. Saskia a fait une course à pied.

    3 jours environ

    8,97 km
    11,5 km/h
    230 m
    270 m
    WolfG *Freiburg, Bernadette et 14 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      After we got really lost on the first descent, the other two downhills were really good after all 😍 oh yes, and of course we also found chanterelles 🙌

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      • un jour environ

  3. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    4 jours environ

    Adrian, Tim⭕ G.🚴🚵👣 et 44 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Friends of ours said that you can bike really well elsewhere in Falun! So we came here again. With the result that the trails here are really really good! And this time we also found a lot of porcini mushrooms instead of just chanterelles. So today there is a mushroom pan with porcini mushrooms 😊

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      • 4 jours environ

  4. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    5 jours environ

    15,2 km
    12,7 km/h
    760 m
    780 m
    Frank Skibbe, Nils et 38 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      This little bike park is great! So the blue routes are just marble runs with countless bank curves, but the red and black trails are a lot of fun!
      At the weekend the lift will probably still be running, but we went up with the eBikes today 🙌

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      • 5 jours environ

  5. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    7 jours environ

    35,0 km
    13,7 km/h
    2 840 m
    2 820 m
    fkuenst, Antje et 38 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Today we didn't pedal ourselves, but took the lift 😜 There was a lot going on here - we didn't expect that! Great bike park, worth it! The black downhill from the second middle station is especially great! 😍

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      • 7 jours environ

  6. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    11 septembre 2020

    15,6 km
    14,3 km/h
    500 m
    510 m
    Adrian, Frank Meyer et 38 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Small bike park on the island of Frösön near Östersund. The trails are great, but we prefer the more barren and deserted landscapes. So off to the mountains again!

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      • 11 septembre 2020

  7. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    10 septembre 2020

    13,9 km
    14,6 km/h
    430 m
    450 m
    Adrian, 🌈 Michael 🌅 et 48 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Actually we only wanted to refuel here and then continue to Are, but since there is a mountain bike rental down in the village, we thought there must be trails 😜 and what kind! Mega the view from the summit and then 400 vertical meters downhill at its finest 😍

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      • 10 septembre 2020

  8. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    9 septembre 2020

    13,2 km
    11,6 km/h
    720 m
    720 m
    Frank Meyer, Tim⭕ G.🚴🚵👣 et 51 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Important: the bike park is already closed - we partially climbed the route, not following it!What a day! Finally mountains with more than 100 vertical meters 😍 the bike park in Lofsdalen is great! Great trails, great views and the detour to the top is worth it! Just awesome!

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      • 9 septembre 2020

  9. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    8 septembre 2020

    MonacoTrail, Adrian et 44 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      We had actually planned a lot today. The trail network around Falun is huge! We had the whole day and wanted to drive as much of it as possible. Then came the first chanterelle mushrooms. And the second. And the third. And fourth. This group was a bit off the road, we had stopped to look for mushrooms. Then later the mushrooms came right on the trail. We almost drove over it. So we cut them off with the pocket knife and put them in our rucksack - it got more and more and more, so that at some point we thought "so we can't take the next one with us now". But of course you don't just leave a chanterelle on the path. We now have a huge Tupperware box full of yellow mushrooms and we are looking forward to tagliatelle with chanterelles in a cream sauce.PS: the trails are also very fun here 🙃 but a lot up and down and technically demanding, especially on the uphill. The show today belonged to the chanterelles anyway 😜

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      • 8 septembre 2020

  10. Saskia a fait du VTT.

    7 septembre 2020

    Eugen Nickel, Dani et 43 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Saskia

      Mini tour when it comes to distance and altitude, but terrific when it comes to adventure, landscape, idyll and loneliness. Madness! No matter where we go, Sweden inspires every time!

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      • 7 septembre 2020

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