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  1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ et DraußenCrew ont fait une randonnée.

    2 jours environ

    17,8 km
    4,7 km/h
    200 m
    190 m
    Ernst, Frank et 94 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      On Mother's Day with 🌞 and spring temperatures along the canal 🥾 Sunday it’s like rush hour there at Teltower Damm 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️😀

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      • 2 jours environ

  2. Mapf, Levram DC 🦊 et 110 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      May 1st 🌺 a super nice tour, a real pleasure tour 🤩
      a lot along the water and through the Grünauer forest with the ferry as a conclusion to 🌞 many thanks Micha for taking with me

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      • 1 mai 2021

  3. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une randonnée.

    25 avril 2021

    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      I didn't know how to change my destination within the navigation 🤔

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      • 25 avril 2021

  4. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une randonnée.

    25 avril 2021

    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      Actually we had an appointment at S Sundgauer Straße, but we were too late 🤔so that we could continue to S Lichterfelde Süd 🥾 nice to come back to my old faculty 😊

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      • 25 avril 2021

  5. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une randonnée.

    21 avril 2021

    10,3 km
    4,6 km/h
    100 m
    110 m
    tashina01, Carl Gosen et 128 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      Yesterday, systemically relevant still a bit weak today ’
      From the boathouse Bolle it was a great hike, always with a view of the water ⛵, walking alone can sometimes be nice 😉

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      • 21 avril 2021

  6. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une randonnée.

    19 avril 2021

    Frank, Robert R. et 127 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      On the Spree 🥾not on the Baltic Sea
      Feeling like a tourist and experiencing the beauties of our city with such ease is something 😉

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      • 19 avril 2021

  7. summernightsurfer et Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ ont fait une sortie à vélo.

    17 avril 2021

    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      We met in Lübben in cloudy dry weather 😉 after KW 🚴🚴‍♂️ I was very surprised by the great bike paths and the beautiful landscape. Thank you Matthias for taking it with you 😊 it was a beautiful day der the pit stop in Halbe ☕t was good, thank you Fred for your invitation and the oil for my chain 😻

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      • 17 avril 2021

  8. Regina, Sven FG ⚒ et 246 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Cornell Paasche

      Monday, April 12th, 2021 / time in motion: 3h: 33m: 30s / total time: 4h: 32m / distance: 17.9 km / average speed: 5.0 km / h*******A few days ago, Karen asked me to make her fit for the 30 km LittleMammut in Berlin in October 2021 and to practice with her for it.Today we had our first training hike. This was a bit short today, however, because something happened to me in the mornings as a family and we couldn't start until noon.Our tour leads from S Friedrichshagen along the entire Bölschestrasse, through the Müggelpark and then through the Spreetunnel. We continue along the Großer Müggelsee and then along the Kleiner Müggelsee. Then it goes to Krummen Laake and from here through the Köpenicker Müggelspreeniedrung to the Goßen Canal. We follow this to the corner of Alter Spreearm, then back a little. We cross the Alte Spreearm and a little later over the Triglawbrücke also the Müggelspree. Through Hessenwinkel we follow the road in the direction of Erkner, as the banks of the Dämeritzsee are built up here. Behind the Erich-Ring-Stadion in Erkner we go to the promenade at Flakenfließ / Schnelles Loch and through the Friedenspark and over the Friedensplatz we reach the Erkner train station and thus the end of this tour.The weather today was rather modest but dry. On the Goßen Canal, the sun even let out a brief glimpse. In contrast to weekends, it was very quiet on the entire route today with few people we met on the way. The downside was that all the excursion restaurants were closed. Still, it was very nice to be here again.

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      • 12 avril 2021

  9. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une sortie à vélo.

    2 avril 2021

    14,4 km
    16,3 km/h
    110 m
    100 m
    Dan, TonyD et 125 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      It was about 35 km forgotten to hire again in Suedkreuz 🙃
      At 🌞 we cycled the Teltow Canal to the Kleinmachnow lock via Drei Linden to Wannsee.

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      • 2 avril 2021

  10. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵ a fait une randonnée.

    28 mars 2021

    MLK, Thomas 🚴 🚶 et 120 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Karen 🥾🚴‍♀️⛷️⛵

      This hike included water and forest in the sunshine 🤗 perfect for me 👍 actually I wanted to inaugurate my new smartphone with a great camera, can't find the photos 🙃

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      • 28 mars 2021

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