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  1. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    3 jours environ

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    Lausitzsonne, Anke 🥾 🚵 🌳 et 17 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      At the height between Volpersthausen and Niederquembach the wind was very nasty, it came from the side, felt 150 km. Maybe a few kilometers less if I can trust the weather forecast. In any case, so violently that I had to stop my Gazelle, my pedelec, with the wind so that it didn't fall over when I wanted to take a photo.
      All in all, however, it was a wonderful and varied round trip through stream valleys, over Taunus heights and through villages, over forest, farm and cycle paths, all of which were very comfortable to cycle without effort. Here and there it was also on country roads, which were rather thinly traveled.
      Okidoki, what cool fun!

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      • 3 jours environ

  2. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    7 jours environ

    1. Weze

      Always along the edge of the forest, that's how it was in my home town. I was exhausted from the seemingly endless Olympic TV and the back and forth between ARD and Eurosport, a TV athlete with no hope for a medal, so ´ out and take a breath myself. Well, it was rather comfortable and easy on the saddle. A wheat beer without added fruit was still given as a bonus. I felt like I deserved it.

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      • 7 jours environ

  3. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    22 juillet 2021

    1. Weze

      If I had to describe the tour at the back, it would be pretty short: Really nice! Or "cool" as a synonym for "very much liked". I'd rather start at the beginning.
      At the sports field in Haintchen, a district of Selters, cycling fun started with a wonderful view. In addition, steadily downhill towards Weilmünster, to touch the Weiltal cycle path a little later, to bounce off at Ernsthausen and to cycle at a height of a good 300m via Weinbach to the Lahn. What did I find the landscape beautiful up there, with ripe cornfields, the wide Taunus, the scent of summer. In addition the sun of the dog days, which warmed me violently.
      Well, I couldn't help but carved a beautiful route for mountain bikers as a transition to the Lahn! The field and forest paths past Weilbach past Gräveneck were simply not flattened, quite wrinkled here and there, but easy to master with my trekker without a challenge. Sure, mostly went downhill moderately through woods and fields.
      Behind Fürfurt the Lahn cycle path was closed, so I followed the diversion above the Lahn, which I actually didn't find that bad. The path was effortless and here and there beautiful views down into the Lahn valley.
      Before Villmar I had to leave the Lahn at a sharp angle and head for the starting point, ´up to the Galgenberg, ´down to Münster, behind the Lago Alfredo, I had to breathe hard and off I went to Haintchen, again and again through wonderful scenery. Wow, and I'm right in the middle of it.
      This round trip was a pure navitour and the left course was chosen deliberately. As is well known, the navigation system is like a person and can be wrong. So watch out, because signposts were really rare. But it was always a lot of fun. Cool.

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      • 22 juillet 2021

  4. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    17 juillet 2021

    Romanbaum, Rentner et 32 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      From the source of the Solmsbach in Espa, OT Langgöns, it went down to the Lahn direktissima over the designated "Solmstal Fahrradweg" to the mouth at Burgsolms. The source and the mouth are really well hidden and are not accessible. Modesty honors, on the other hand, this brook gives a lot of its name to several villages.
      Anyway, nice to cycle, steadily downhill towards Lahn, through Solmsbach settlements with fine pathways. The cycle path to Wetzlar was not very typical for Lahn, as there was nothing in places with beautiful Lahn meadows. What do you want to do if there is no other way?
      From Nauborn we went up again, always following the Wetzbach to the source in Oberwetz. Up to the Köhlerberg, and that on very well developed farm and forest paths. All in all, thanks to komoot, the bike map was an easy exercise, so I couldn't really miss the starting point in Espa. It could also be that the brandy trail that leads to Espa had something magical about it. Was that once a smuggling route?
      I wanted to go to the extinguishing pond below the village, which was rather hidden. I don't know why, but I imagined it to be kind of idyllic. And so he was. Why weren't there any mosquitoes there? Instead a colony of nettles on the way. Not bad either. Full effect with short leg clothing.
      NS: I once activated live tracking for my family. My sons are still grinning, they probably want to ambush me. I would look stupid from the saddle ...

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      • 17 juillet 2021

  5. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    3 juillet 2021

    Guido, Anke 🥾 🚵 🌳 et 37 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      Sure, I could have made a pilgrimage from Steinfischbach to the 1000-year-old Linde in Reinborn, the other part of Waldems. Just over the Müllerweg to Reinborn, and whoosh I would have been there, just a few meters.
      But the journey is my goal, it takes all the time in the world.
      I found the starting point Steinfischbach ideally located for my round-trip bike tour. At first it went comfortably down through the Fischbachtal over a wonderful bike path to Walsdorf, then on a small hump on the L3026 into the Hohe Straße, R6 and R8 with beautiful cornfields, and through the middle of the Aussiedlerhöfe.
      Then I rolled next to the B275 to Idstein and just landed at the sports facility, where, to my delight, it seems to be perky again. The tour led on the outskirts of Idstein and the "Old Hexenturm" to the fish ponds. Vespers were the order of the day here, because more energy had to be invested than just sitting comfortably in the saddle. It still rolled slightly in the Wolfsbachwiesen, but then it went up to the German Limes cycle path, where the first bar of the battery gave up, and down again, this time to Heftrich. The tour led relaxed along the Schlabach on a great bike path to Bermbach and Esch. From Esch the tour went up to Niederems. Mountain bike feeling arose on the forest trails; But it has to be fun, I can't just do Looki-Looki. Hello, now came the real challenge, namely through Niederems uphill over the sports field and Reinborn Grund to my pilgrimage destination, the 1000-year-old linden tree in Reinborn. So I sat humbly for a while in the shade of the ancient tree.
      Then it went quickly back to the starting point. I was still after a detour to the parish church, because the humility was still in me. And there was another splendid tree: sweet chestnut in blossom. How beautiful. And how wonderful the scent was!

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      • 4 juillet 2021

  6. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    23 juin 2021

    Anke 🥾 🚵 🌳, Lausitzsonne et 33 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      The varied and wonderful round trip through valleys and mountains started in Niederselters, led through the Emsbach valley to the Lahn near Dietkirchen, and then upstream through the Lahn valley to Villmar. We continued up to the Galgenberg, following the "Alte Heerstraße" hiking trail to cycle to Münster. In the open low mountain range, it went on to Eisenbach, to finally roll down to the starting point.Before Eisenbach I actually wanted to turn into the upper Eisenbachtal. Didn’t go as planned, because the planned route simply didn’t show itself, or it didn’t exist, or I was too stupid. Or even everything together. But since I wanted to know, I took a steep hiking trail as a connection.
      Well, I could have been more comfortable. But when the fur is itchy, the brain often doesn't help itch.

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      • 23 juin 2021

  7. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    20 juin 2021

    der Danners Hary 🌀, Lausitzsonne et 39 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      I had no plan at all, just wanted to test a new seat post, because the other day it suddenly made a "crack" under my cheeks and the saddle fluttered like a flag in a November storm. Something is really funny, especially when you still have an hour to pedal.On the way, these and that stretches of the route spontaneously came to my mind, which I then cycled. Sure, check out what the storks are doing, again past the Hessenpark, also the Saalburg and Lochmühle, then say "Hello" at the "Hute Baum" in Pfaffenwiesbach, because I like the cycle path on the Heßberg from there to Wehrheim so much. Via Oberloh and Westerfeld we went home via Hausen. I liked the route very much, easy and very cute.And a parallelogram seat post has something.

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      • 20 juin 2021

  8. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    13 juin 2021

    Anke 🥾 🚵 🌳, Annette Best et 20 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      "The ADFC quality route Lahntalradweg is 248 kilometers long and leads from the source of the Lahn in Siegerland to the confluence of the Lahn into the Rhine. Mostly paved bike paths lead through mostly flat river landscape. ..... the Lahn is also one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe. It impresses ..... with its scenic beauty and diverse fauna. " (Radwelt 2.21)This is exactly how you can experience this section in particular! And what a joy it is to be able to visit a garden bar here and there! So far I have experienced a total of 180 kilometers with komoot in seven sections. Indeed, this river, these cycle paths, this landscape hold particular fascinations. The remaining 70 kilometers to the source are also on the agenda!

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      • 16 juin 2021

  9. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    10 juin 2021

    der Danners Hary 🌀, Kuchen et 38 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      The tour started from Oes, a small suburb of Butzbach, and immediately entered a trail that immediately sharpened my senses, because it was smooth, no, it was much smoother. It was probably not the rain that had fallen the night before, but rather soft soap that stuck to the roots.
      From Espa, the birthplace of the Solmsbach and the Kleebach, it was a comfortable ride on very low-traffic country roads in the direction of Cleeberg, before starting the actual bike tour through forests and even more meadows, fields and stream valleys. It was a really warm summer day, so shady areas were very welcome. It felt more like a moderate downward trend to the gates of Wetzlar, with the exception of the Köhlerberg in front of Oberwetz, which could be overcome rather tame.
      After the Stoppelberger Hohl, a district of Wetzlar, it went uphill over Sturzkopf towards the starting point past Vollnkirchen, Oberkleen and Cleeberg. The paths were extremely beautiful, mostly asphalt; increases the fun factor immensely. Well planned, because downhill there were often gravel roads to Wetzlar, up to Butzbach mostly asphalt roads. If there hadn't been such a path again, a trail on the Schalsberg, because I wanted to conquer. It all went up to the soft soap mentioned at the beginning. I write benevolently under "Trial exam just passed". I didn't have to get out of the saddle, but easy and relaxed is something else. What do you want to do if your fur is itchy?
      Apart from this crazy idea, which probably came from the brandy trail right at the beginning behind Espa, the drive along the Kleebach was an absolute dream, a delight for soul and spirit!
      Of course, I have to mention my permanent companions, even though I haven't seen them, but heard them all the louder: blackcaps and chaffinches, who almost overturned their songs with joy. Because they saw me, or something ...?

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      • 10 juin 2021

  10. Weze a fait une sortie à vélo.

    2 juin 2021

    Bernhard Neumayer, georg 65+ et 28 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Weze

      We got into the saddle at the Eschbacher Kippen car park, past some Taunus villages down to Bonbaden in the Solmstal. Most of the time it was on stuck gravel roads through the Taunus Forest with beech, oak, maple and fir trees. Well, the "Grenzweg", a hiking trail that I followed, stupid not to turn back, was less comfortable. Even though my bike is very manoeuvrable, it still can't jump. It's also an e-bike and not a chamois; I must have forgotten. The small detour to the Diabas quarry near Altenkirchen turned out to be a good decision, because the outlook and distant view from the viewing platform were gigantic.
      Following the Solmstal, the tour took me on to Brandoberndorf, where it went up again quickly, to dive back into the forest after a beautiful, open landscape on farm roads. I pedaled steadily uphill past Bodenrod and towards the starting point.
      The round tour went through a lot of forest, with a very special charm in the wonderful play of light and shadow that the sun performed with the treetops. I felt deep joy in the meadows and fields above Kröfftelbach with the grandiose views of the Taunus.

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      • 2 juin 2021

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