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Ich fahre MTB weil es mir Spaß macht und weil ich mich wohlfühle in der Natur.


27 374 km

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1549:59 h

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  1. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    3 jours environ

    59,3 km
    16,5 km/h
    1 110 m
    1 120 m
    Peter S., Peter et 57 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Horst (habe fertig)

      Today's tour again has some paths in it that cannot be driven by tricycles.
      In the vicinity of the Rabenscheider sports field, the trail can be bypassed to the west via the forest path.
      At km25 there is a very short piece of trail through dense gorse, which can be bypassed to the north.
      The trail down from the Ley-Kopf is nice, but it becomes very steep towards the end and cannot be seen, but it is drivable.
      At km32 the trail is on the slope but can be bypassed on the forest path to the north.

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      • 3 jours environ

  2. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    5 jours environ

    25,4 km
    13,0 km/h
    360 m
    370 m
    Stefan✌️🍀, Reinhard (NTX-Biker) et 55 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Siegbert

      Nice Horst, we wanted to go back again. Only driving there is so annoying 😢

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      • 5 jours environ

  3. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    8 septembre 2021

    64,8 km
    13,8 km/h
    1 400 m
    1 390 m
    Norbert H., Lutz P. et 93 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Horst (habe fertig)

      It shouldn't be a problem for MTB riders to follow this tour. I cannot recommend this tour for tricycles because of the frequent barriers with very narrow detours, and the trails are often very narrow and overgrown.
      I wasn't up on Monte Schlacko, I have to come back here in winter.

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      • 8 septembre 2021

  4. Horst (habe fertig) a fait une sortie à vélo.

    4 septembre 2021

    23,3 km
    17,9 km/h
    400 m
    420 m
    Maui, Norbert H. et 49 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Horst (habe fertig)

      Just wanted to pull in the brakes. Then I watered flowers and gondolaed around a bit, just wanted to go cycling.

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      • 4 septembre 2021

  5. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    3 septembre 2021

    61,4 km
    13,8 km/h
    1 290 m
    1 280 m
    Norbert H., Hans-Joachim et 63 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Andreas

      ... yep, your picture book was worth it again. Except for the huge rabbit head, it really scares you. Thank you for taking me. 😏

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      • 3 septembre 2021

  6. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    1 septembre 2021

    80,7 km
    18,5 km/h
    1 080 m
    1 080 m
    Stiefel, Michael et 60 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Alfred

      Interesting variant. I will leave one day.

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      • 1 septembre 2021

  7. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    30 août 2021

    55,9 km
    19,0 km/h
    740 m
    740 m
    Siegbert, Alfred et 82 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Horst (habe fertig)

      The tour has two sections that should not be ridden on multi-track bikes.
      In Rennerod below the barracks you should stay on a solid dirt road that leads up to the bike path.
      The section between Homberg and Waldaubach is very deeply muddy and there is a narrow point with stones. Better to drive on the B414 or to Waldaubach.
      The weather was mixed, quite fresh and a stormy northeast wind.
      Ross and rider were once again able to really see each other, it was fun.
      The penultimate picture is very poor quality, but I took it anyway. The view was something like looking at the rainforest somewhere in the Andes, in which a ruin can be seen.
      Is of course much more mundane, the hills are the Lahn-Dill-Bergland and the ruins are the roof of the Fragu company. 😊

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      • 30 août 2021

  8. Horst (habe fertig) a fait une sortie à vélo.

    28 août 2021

    38,7 km
    21,5 km/h
    570 m
    570 m
    Michael Schreiber, Bommel on Tour 🚴 et 51 autres aiment ceci.
  9. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    24 août 2021

    65,7 km
    15,1 km/h
    1 230 m
    1 200 m
    Andy Künkler HANDBIKE, Tim B et 110 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Horst (habe fertig)

      Going very early, very fresh with 8 degrees.
      Magnificent views, beautiful paths.
      If you want to follow, you should look for a different path from km35, very narrow, steep paths and some transverse trees (drive around south on Steeg).
      At Höferhof from km42 there is a lot of forest work, the roads are pretty broken (to the west by way of Schlechtingen Stentenbach and Wittershagen).

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      • 24 août 2021

  10. Horst (habe fertig) a fait du VTT.

    21 août 2021

    66,6 km
    16,5 km/h
    1 180 m
    1 200 m
    Bimbo, Reinhard (NTX-Biker) et 55 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Andreas

      ... you know that. Just over, is also wrong! 🤣 It's a shame we didn't know ... 😉

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      • 21 août 2021

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