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Begeisterter Genusswanderer. Überzeugter Wahlberliner und Brandenburger im Herzen. Zertifizierter DWV-Wanderführer. Zertifizierter Natur- und Landschaftsführer für die Region Fläming-Havelland. European Walk-Leader.
----------------------------------The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
(Robert Frost - Gedicht 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening')
----------------------------------An einem Sommermorgen
Da nimm den Wanderstab,
Es fallen deine Sorgen
Wie Nebel von dir ab.
(Theodor Fontane - Gedicht 'Guter Rat')
----------------------------------I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
(Henry David Thoreau - Walden)
----------------------------------Wenn ich im Wald unterwegs bin,
werden meine Gedanken immer ganz leicht und klar.
Nur was sich leicht anfühlt ist auch wirklich wichtig.
(Hans Beimer - Serie Lindenstraße)
----------------------------------This Love Has Got No Ceiling
(Eddie Vedder - No Ceiling, Soundtrack 'Into The Wild')
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  2. vonWegen, Robin et 197 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... and I completed the next stage of the Spree project today, from Spremberg to Cottbus, after seeing yesterday evening that very good weather could be expected in the southeast of Brandenburg. So I went to the train in Berlin early in the morning in the rain and started in Spremberg with blue skies and pleasant temperatures.I already knew the route in a very similar form from my E10 project, so today I looked at the condition of the markings and integrated some sections closer to the water. To cut a long story short: the hiking route is absolutely wonderful, despite the numerous - disciplined - cyclists with whom I had to share many paths today. Hardly anyone seems to be using the natural section between Neuhausen and Frauendorf, I only saw cyclists and hikers on the eastern side of the Spree. At the southern end of the Spremberg dam, the path was freshly marked (blue & red bar), the section that I had cursed there on my last visit was again very difficult to walk in the middle of the slope, the path was barely visible and partially even dangerous. The guidebooks there seem to have a strange sense of humor ...There were a few highlights today, but I would like to highlight the ocher-colored Spree between Spremberg and the dam. The color comes from the iron hydroxide sludge from the opencast mining areas and is at least very photogenic. At the exit of the dam, the Spree looks like it has been rejuvenated and in the further course it is partly very beautiful with artificial rapids.Those familiar with the area will be surprised: how, he wasn't in Branitzer Park ??? That was on purpose, as I chose the paths close to the Spree and had already hiked the park extensively. So I don't have a Pückler pyramid photo for you today. The same applies to the lovely little old town of Spremberg, which I already knew and left out, the route was long enough in the unusually warm weather. I hope that the other photos give a good impression of the attractiveness of the route.Here is the overall collection of the project:
      Info and tour description:This stage starts at the train station in Spremberg, which is high above the old town, first it goes through the city park to the Bismarck tower, then at the pavilion 'Sängerblick' down the stairs to the castle park. The path leads around the swan pond and the castle to the Spree and along it around the old town island, then for four kilometers on the narrow, old oak-lined dike path on the here ocher-colored Spree to the reservoir of the dam. After crossing the Bühlower Straße, you follow the marked hiking trails in the slope and along the mud in a rather adventurous way, alternatively you can take the detour on the bike path via Sellessen.After a natural section, the cycle path above the Spremberg dam is used, which again and again allows great views from projections over the water. The dacha settlement 'Weißer Berg' is passed and the Spreecamp Bagenz with its wide sandy beach is reached and crossed. We continue on the very high dam, which is left at the former youth hostel. Now the cycle path is used again as far as Bräsinchen, where the Spree, which is now 'discolored' again, is hit with a significantly increased flow rate.Via the meadow path, it goes close to the Spree to the Neuhausen mill, then three kilometers on natural paths along the water to Frauendorf. After crossing the settlement, the hiker awaits the Kutzeburger Mühle with its roaring Spree weir. The path leads again on a narrow dike flanked by old oaks to the Madlower Mühle and on to the beautifully situated bathing lake. The Volkspark is crossed on a natural high dam towards the Markgrafenmühle, then it also goes on the dike of the Schwarzen Weg to Cottbus.After crossing under the city ring, the Spree is left, via Stromstrasse, Ackerstrasse, Görlitzer Strasse and after crossing the Bahnhofstrasse bridge, the destination of the stage is finally reached at Cottbus Central Station.

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  3. Thomas aus EF, Uwe et 209 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I completed the last open stage of the Spree project between Berlin and Cottbus, from Kossenblatt to Oegeln near Beeskow. Anyway, Kossenblatt can only be reached by bus on working days after a long journey, because of the school holidays I had to order the on-call bus this time, but it worked flawlessly.I was curious about the first part of the stage because I hardly knew this area before. Right at the beginning I liked the section between Kossenblatt and Briescht very much, especially since I was able to walk very close to the Spree on paths and dirt roads in the meadows. Later I was often on lonely bike paths, which, however, was a welcome change in this low concentration.I was very surprised that there is already a complete external swine fever protective fence so far in the 'hinterland' west of the Spree. From Sabrodt onwards I had to cross the gates forbidden as an 'unauthorized person' in order to be able to follow my planned route.All in all a really nice stage, but because of the ASP situation I can't recommend it for a hike at the moment.Here is the current status of the collection: and tour description:This stage starts at the 'Dorf' bus stop in Kossenblatt, right across from the church and the beautiful farmyard in front of the fenced castle. Along the Schlossspree, the park is left in a southerly direction towards Lindenstrasse and the Spree is crossed on the Zollbrücke. After leaving the village in a southerly direction, it goes at the bus turning loop into the forest and down to the Spree, then along the course of the water on meadow paths to the next bridge.After crossing it, the path leads along the edge of the meadow directly along the water on the northern side of the Spree to the entrance to Briescht and through the village. The Spree is crossed again on the particularly beautiful wooden drawbridge, under the old railway bridge it goes into the forest and zigzag to the bike path that leads to the Rocher settlement. After passing the small town, continue on the wide cycle path to the Trebatsch lock and into Trebatsch.After a short detour to the Ludwig-Leichhardt-Museum, it goes over the Spreebrücke to the neighboring Sabrodt and there over the Leichhardt-Straße in the direction of the cemetery. Now the path leads some distance to Glower See along the edge of the forest, then in the forest to a small, hidden campsite with a view of the lake. We continue in the forest on a narrow path to the Ranziger See and also on a narrow path almost halfway around it.The cycle path is used for a short time, after which it is turned onto a long field and meadow path, which leads past the carp pond and then between the Spree and Tiefem See through the extensive floodplains. At the end of the lake, the cycle path is followed again briefly to the beginning of the nature trail, then the path through the forest and sometimes particularly close to the Spree, then in several dodges into Beeskow.The path leads along Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße into the small town, at the grammar school you branch off onto the promenade path at Walkmühlgraben to the castle. After crossing the facility, the Spree is crossed for the last time, on secret paths through the settlement it goes to the Spreewiesen and once again along the Spree to the railway line. The destination of this stage is finally reached along the route at Oegeln station.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... a little afternoon lap in the stormy wind to the Kulturkaufhaus in Friedrichstrasse. I bought three copies of a hiking guide there that I already owned ... the solution will follow shortly ;-)The actual topic, which is why I documented the route: Manfred Reschke sent me part of his original manuscript, from which the 66-lakes hiking trail emerged after many years and a number of tried-and-tested route combinations. The working title at that time was 'Auf Schusters Rappen around Berlin' and the documentation shows in this form, as a real witness of the 1970s, the curiosity, thirst for action and the enterprising spirit of the young West Berliner Manfred Reschke, the area in the GDR beyond his walled home to explore. I am particularly impressed that even then he did not put himself in the foreground as a 'pioneer' but gave lots of practical advice for interested imitators to venture out on the hiking tours even with a day visa.Here is a 'teaser' that includes the general part as well as the first stage:
      ------------Info and tour description:
      [not for this]

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  4. Markus69, EXPLORER: Future & The Past et 167 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... just a little tour of the zoo today after the sun finally showed up again in the late afternoon. 'Business as usual' in the Tiergarten, the cruisers persistently do their laps and Theo has still disappeared. I only saw the men from the park service on behalf of the public order office in the zoo for the first time. Apparently Görlitzer Park and Hasenheide are closed today ;-)Actually, I am referring to the reference to the 'mega hiking relay' at Whitsun, organized by hiking friend Jan 'Büchi':
      Thomas from EF and I travel to North Rhine-Westphalia especially to contribute to our stages.
      If anyone of you would like to take part in this biggest community event to date, register in the doodles at the link above and / or contact Büchi at
      If you want, you can also accompany me on my stage, on May 22nd. from Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock to Bielefeld. For more information, please contact me directly.----------------Info and tour description:
      [not for this]

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      • 5 avril 2021

  5. Frank Meyer et Büchi (Jan) 🤠 ont planifié une randonnée.

    5 avril 2021

    Büchi (Jan) 🤠, weisweber et 3 autres aiment ceci.
  6. Büchi (Jan) 🤠 et 49 membres ont planifié une randonnée.

    5 avril 2021

    Büchi (Jan) 🤠, Frieder W. et 116 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Dear hiking friends,The 5th relay hike on my part will take place over Whitsun 2021. The principle of walking in a few days has proven its worth in the Eifel.This time even the biggest (❗) komoot relay hike to date, whereby the challenge is that in the end all stages have been walked and we may have hiked over 1000 km together.You can choose a route and walk it between May 22nd and May 24th.This event should involve participants from all over North Rhine-Westphalia and the neighboring countries.-----The following principles apply:
      - The start and end points must be identical, the route may differ (I planned some routes more precisely, others only slightly guided 😉)
      - It doesn't matter in which direction (A-B, B-A) you run
      - Your komoot profile must not be "private" because every tour should be public
      - mark me at the end of the tour so that I can add to the collection
      - To make it easier for me to sort the collection into the correct order, it would be great if you had the stage number at the front of the tour (you can of course change that afterwards)
      To assign the stages, I created 4 doodle surveys (roughly sorted according to the cardinal points):
      North Rhine-Westphalia:
      NRW East:
      NRW South:
      NRW West:
      Just enter your name under which you are active at komoot. Just choose your desired stage, if it is still free.
      Should you still not be able to walk your set route, send me an email at so that I can release the tour for other interested parties.---The corresponding

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  7. Turbo, Burkhard 🔵⚪ et 215 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I have already completed my tenth stage of the Spree project in perfect hiking weather, this time it went out of the Oberspreewald and into the Niederlausitz. In principle, I already knew the sections of the route from previous tours, which is why I made a spontaneous decision and hiked the southern route between Striesow and Döbbrick on a local recommendation (thanks, Martin!), Which allows more views of the renatured Spree and also includes two viewpoints. The first of these was rather unspectacular, but the second, which shows the devil as an imposing wooden sculpture on a hill, how he 'creates' the Spreewald, all the more interesting.Overall, in this form and with the weather, an absolute dream tour, which from my point of view included many beautiful views of the Spree. Especially the artificial rapids and fish ladders, which can be heard from afar, are really worth seeing. In the end I still had a bit of time to spare and photographed a few of the remarkable buildings around the Richtberg in Cottbus.The intermediate status of the overall project can be found here:
      --------------Info and tour description:This stage starts at the 'Schule' bus stop in Burg, after a detour to the nearby historic Spreewald train station, it goes past the fairground to the Spreehafen, after crossing the New Spree, the main course of the Spree is then followed beautifully for four and a half kilometers on the natural dike by the one here open landscape. From the crossing of the Schmogrow weir and the merging of the main Spree with the north floodwater, the body of water is significantly wider, the path leads a further one and a half kilometers over the dike to the next bridge.Here the renatured part of the Spree begins with numerous oxbow lakes and meanders, the path is graveled up to the first lookout point, but there are nice accesses to the water. We continue on a barely recognizable field path through the meadows, then again on the natural dike to the devil sculpture on the second hill, which is reached by a short detour into the 'hinterland'.Back on the Spree, the path leads through the Spreewiesen for five kilometers to Döbbrick, where there is no alternative to switch to the cycle path on the crest of the dike for the first time. This is followed by a constant change from lonely meadow and more or less busy cycle path sections to Saspow, for example from the Spreewehrmühle northeast of the center of Cottbus you are mostly on promenade paths that stretch through green areas and woods close to the Spree to the planetarium.On the way, as on this tour, there is a small excursion to the court mountain with the court tower, the power station and the Wilhelmsmühle, which are well worth seeing. After returning along the Mühlgraben to the planetarium, the Spree is crossed for the last time to Ostrower Damm, via Inselstrasse and Lobedanstrasse through residential areas, then finally over Blechenstrasse along the tracks to Bahnhofstrasse and after crossing the routes it is at the main station in Cottbus Reached the end of this stage.

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  8. Tim⭕ G.🚴🚵👣, Heiko Zimbomat et 194 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... in the morning, the weather forecast for my long-distance tour in the south-east of Brandenburg immediately thwarted my calculations, so that I completed a quickly planned and easily accessible replacement tour in the south-west of the state in the morning. It turned out to be this tour in an area that I had wanted to explore further for a long time, but that I never really made any headway with planning. Although there are some well-signposted hiking trails typical of the district between Beetzsee and Havel, I usually found them to be more like 'disguised cycle paths' with far too monotonous connecting sections.Since I was particularly interested in the Katharinenbruch and the Domstiftsgut Mötzow, which is well worth seeing, I was happy about the recently made tour by Burkhard (, most of which I adapted as a template. I just had to 'steam it down' a bit to stay in the time window for the return trip by bus. It also worked, but the average speed was in the end beyond good and bad for a pleasure hike ...About the route: In some places I was very positively surprised, the views of the waters were wonderful thanks to the bright sunshine, I was able to use some natural sections, but there were also many sand and gravel slopes, but they were because of the splendor and the smell of the Fruit tree blossom today were still motivating.For me it was definitely a recommendable short lap, for a good 15 kilometers of which the longer journey was definitely worth it according to the motto 'less is often more'. So I can put this area between Brandenburg / Havel and Päwesin to my files for now. I have the impression that there is not much more to explore there in terms of hiking. For cyclists, of course, things look very different ...------------Info and tour description:This is a round trip that starts and ends at the 'Dorf' bus stop right next to the church in Klein Kreutz. First, follow the road to the estate, then at the end of the village on the graveled Mötzower Weg lined with rows of trees and hedges, across the fields to the asphalt road at Fuchsbruch and on this to Mötzower Landstrasse. After crossing the country road, the path leads beautifully between the flooded former clay pits of the Katharinenbruch to the small settlement on Beetzsee, then on an asphalt side road again to Mötzower Landstraße and on the accompanying cycle path to Mötzow.After a detour to the main building of the Domstiftsgut, which is well worth seeing, it goes around the place, then over the fields to the riverside path at the Beetzsee, which after a while allows a view over the water at a larger bathing area. The path leads once more, this time on the gravel road, to Mötzower Landstraße, then it goes briefly along the road in the direction of Lünow, before branching off again onto a dirt road.This path leads along extensive asparagus fields and other agricultural areas through the plain, criss-crossed by small drainage ditches, before the Langmathenberg is crossed. After four kilometers you hit the outskirts of Klein Kreutz and it goes again very nicely on a natural path around the settlements to the mountain road. The path now leads down to the village and at the end of the Rosengasse the starting point of the tour is reached again at the church of Klein Kreutz.

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      • 3 avril 2021

  9. Udo von der Kaiserpfalz, Lucy Lu et 191 autres aiment ceci.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... after what felt like an eternity I was out again today with Kathrin and Thomas, in wonderful weather on a route combination between the districts of Märkisch-Oderland and Oder-Spree, which I had never hiked before.As expected, the sections at the beginning and at the end were the most beautiful, the middle section between Kienbaum and Klein Wall unfortunately ran through the empty wide aisle of the Baltic Sea pipeline connecting line. Otherwise in this way a good combination of the two highly recommended sections, if you consider the almost five aisle kilometers in the middle as a purely pragmatic connection.The snack at the trout facility in Klein Wall was also very nice, with delicious fish sandwiches and shandies.Here is the recording of:
      ---------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at the train station in Müncheberg, first it goes over the Eberswalder Chaussee on the side street to the settlement Schlagenthin, then over the wide fields past horse paddocks to the peat digging Gumnitz. The lake is passed and there is a beautiful path on the edge of the wet meadows, then it goes in two arcs on lonely forest paths over to the gravel pit roof tile factory.Over the B1, follow the quiet side road to the village of Hoppegarten, after which you will reach the banks of the Maxsee after crossing it on the Stadtweg and the Wiesenweg. The riverside path is mostly followed close to the water on the natural hiking trail up to the Neue Mühle, whereby the detour to the tip of the headland in the lake is recommended as made here. The two-kilometer cycle path is then used through the forest to the village of Kienbaum, which is crossed along the Neue Dorfstraße.After a short section of robinia forest, the approximately four and a half kilometers long section of the route follows through the wide aisle of the natural gas pipeline, then it goes another two kilometers through the forest to the trout facility Klein Wall on the Löcknitz. From here you follow the 66-Seen-Weg, first one kilometer on a wide forest path, then more or less close to the course of the Löcknitz creek to Chausseestrasse. There, the accompanying cycle path is followed to the Fangschleuse train station, where the tour ends.

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